madison-bouckville antique show

This weekend, we took a road trip to the Madison-Bouckville Antiques Show (a 5 hour drive from us!).  Located along Route 20 in the antiques-rich community of Bouckville, New York, the fair is mid-way between Syracuse and Utica. Over 1,000 dealers from across the United States and Canada participate in this annual event the third weekend in August. We’d never visited this show before, but we’re so glad we did. Aside from the balmy 90 degree temperature, we had a wonderful day–this part of New York State is absolutely beautiful. Once we got off the main highway in Albany, we drove almost entirely on the back roads. Miles and miles of farmland and scenic mountain views were everywhere we looked. We want to go back to this part of our state for more antiquing in the fall as there were literally fifty or so small antique dealers along the road that we didn’t have time to visit. Check out some of our favorite finds below!madbouckHere I am as we entered the field at the show. Ninety acres of farmland are transformed into row after row of tented dealers.
mpmmadisonbouckvilleThese bright blue-colored seltzer bottles (below) caught our eye immediately. The dealer had imported them from his home village in what was once part of Czechoslovakia. He was selling them for 30 dollars each. Too much for us.
selzerbottlesThe most remarkable piece of the day was this Murano glass mirror (most likely from France). We hope you can see from this picture that the colors and the detail on this Venetian glass makes this piece an extremely rare find.  The dealer, Gregory Weiss, was from Rochester, New York, and had some of the most unusual and valuable pieces at the entire show. He was charging 1, 700 dollars for this magnificent piece, and we’re pretty sure he sold it for that.  This is the kind of piece that you invest in and it becomes a part of your decor wherever you live.
venietanmirrorWe saw a a lot of American folk art collectibles. This “primitive” colored drawing of an American flag caught Lauren’s eye because of the adorable shamrock’s drawn between the red stripes.This piece dates back to the mid 19th century.  Some family member had the wherewithal not to toss this out. The mixed media piece was priced at 900 dollars–definitely requires a very particular buyer!
americanflagThis beautiful American painted desk jumped right off the grass at us. This piece exemplifies early American painted furniture. They are not easy to find in such excellent condition. The scale of it was lovely.
yellowdeskThese 1950’s posters from a Chicago, Illinois public school made us laugh.  Salvaged by some clever collector, these were the images from which Suzanne learned to read.  They’re timeless! Wouldn’t they be great as art work for a child’s room?
childrenspostersWe saw a lot of American Depression glass and there was a great deal of interest in it. Our favorite pattern is this clear set with beaded edges.  It’s kind of whimsical. The dealer was looking for 4 dollars for each dessert plate.
hobnailglassCan you imagine how fabulous a leafy green salad or even a slice of chocolate cake would look on this plate?
glasshobnailIronstone was not that plentiful at this show. We found the dealer below (Christopher Evans Antiques, from Waynesboro, VA) with a great collection tucked away in one of the corners of the field. We purchased two platters in excellent condition at a great price. Hooray!
ironstonelaurenOne dealer filled an old pie safe with some really exquisite Ironstone pieces in perfect condition. They were very expensive and most people were just admiring them, but passing on making a purchase.piesafeblueFinally, here are two more examples of American pie safes. Both of these came from large summer houses in the North East where multiple pies were prepared on a regular basis.  The one on the left was a gorgeous faded blue with original handcrafted tin inserts on the doors.  A true example of American furniture craftsmanship.pies2The best part about these trips is that we learn something new every time. And engaging with the dealers is the best way to do this! They love to talk shop, so take advantage of their knowledge and talk them up! Our next trip will be to Brimfield in September. Anyone want to meet up?

  • Megan

    Those ironstone pieces are beautiful! I would love to purchase some, but what is considered a good price for the pitchers or a platter…


  • m.zinman

    The glass dishes are the Candlewick pattern.

  • goodbone

    Thanks so much for your information. We appreciate it and are happy to share your expertise!

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  • J.McEvoy

    I went for the first time this summer and really enjoyed the show. Looking to book reservations soon. We stayed so far away from the show because everything close was booked, just curious where did you stay?