brimfield fall 2009, part I

Happy Monday, everybody! We’re coming off of a great weekend of treasure hunting at the tri-annual Brimfield antique show. Did any of you go this time around? We had a really lovely time, as usual, and found some great pieces that we’re really excited to share with you! It’s Brimfield recap all week long at GBGP, so get ready!
brimfieldOne of our favorite things to do at big shows like Brimfield is to look for old pieces that can be used in new and modern ways. We found these great old trays which came from a farm in Maine. They were (and still are today) used to incubate chicken eggs. We’ve got a couple of good ideas of how to use them–one is for a centerpiece arrangement, and the other one is a little DIY we’ll be showing you soon!
harvesttraysThese old trunks caught our eye because of their vibrant colors. The mustard yellow and aqua blue are equally great, and we thought they’d look so chic in a family room for kids’ toys.
coloredtrunksThis vintage metal physicians table was in pristine condition. There’s even a little medical cross etched into the glass on the right hand side of the cabinet. Something like this would make a great desk for a small space. It’s interesting how such a functional piece would also have such elegant lines.  We could totally see using this as a vanity table in a young woman’s first apartment. It was expensive, probably because it is a rare find.
doctorstable A great thing to collect, festive Bakelite flatware… Not inexpensive at $5.00 a piece, but made to last. You’re not supposed to put these in the dishwasher. Add these to any table setting and watch it come to life!
bakelitesilverwareHands down, this double dresser was our favorite piece at the show. It had been impeccably restored by the dealer after he found it in an old estate in Maine, first used for clothing in a large walk-in closet, and later as a tool storage cabinet in its second life. yellowchestofdrawersTake a look at the original handles. How great is this yellow?
closeupofdrawersWe always stop to visit dealers selling unusual vintage illustrations on paper.  Many of them come from the pages of old catalogues. These egg prints are so pretty, and are relatively inexpensive. This dealer was selling two for $15. Buying antique book pages and framing them yourself in affordable frames from Ikea or Pottery Barn is an original way to decorate your walls without a lot of effort. We could easily see a collection of these hanging in a foyer or even a powder room.
eggprintsLove the butterflies too, very John Derian…
butterflyprintsWe found these super cool cow hides from a dealer hailing from Indiana as we were leaving. The rugs are imported from Brazil, and they were selling them for just $350. How awesome would these look in a sleek, modern apartment, or even in a sophisticated library/den? More on Brimfield to come, stay tuned!

  • Ellen

    saw the medical table earlier in the week and loved it. Thought it would also make a great vanity. She had some great items…including a slate top table that I was just too slow to commit to….

  • Sarah

    I enjoy looking through your images of your antiquing adventures. Please keep posting this, looks like there was some great stuff there, I only wish I could’ve gone.

  • Nancy on Nov. 7th, 2009

    Like I was at the antique fair too! Loved your finds! I liked the double yellow dresser….great for huge jewelry chest

  • Nancy on Nov. 7th, 2009

    Any suggestions on big closet with 12 ft ceilings….has great upper storage, but need a ladder…sturdy with maybe a ledge for stacking items on at top, but the ladder not to take up lots of floor space….slide around?? thought of a library type of ladder, but can’t find any….can you help? Thanks Nancy