brimfield fall 2009, part II

At Brimfield this past weekend, we found many smaller dealers who traveled from all over the country with their treasures. This dealer (below) came from Freeport, Maine, just down the road from Lauren’s alma mater, Bowdoin College. Not surprisingly, she had an extensive collection of beautiful vintage coverlets and blankets. Many of her wares were made by Bates Manufacturing, one of the most successful mills of its kind in Lewiston, Maine (in fact, until the 1960’s the Bates mill served as Maine’s largest employer). The coverlet I’m holding was machine made with a wonderful jacquard pattern. Its pristine white was just so irresistible. It is now happily living on Lauren’s bed…$40 later. momblanket1This piece was handmade. The flaxen color yarn was amazing.
yellowblanketThere were stacks of them! When we asked how to get the faded discoloration out of the white coverlets, the dealer recommended washing them with a detergent called Biz. Great tip! We’ll definitely be trying that. Spray and Wash for stains is ok, too.
whiteblanketsThis peach and white pom pom blanket (pictured below) was absolutely gorgeous and so original.  We’re definitely going to think of these the next time we’ve got a young girl’s room to decorate.  It seemed that many of the most interesting pieces were twin size.  Adorable, no?
peachandblueblanketsLauren spotted these wood and tin round boxes (below) made in a factory in Newark, New Jersey.  We couldn’t find their dealer to ask what they were originally used for, but they’re most unusual and would make for a wonderful accessory.
yellowcontainersFinding a French pine table like this one in excellent condition is rare.  If you see one like this in your travels, you should purchase it if you can.  It has so many uses and will live happily amongst other antiques and modern pieces.  It’s a side board for a dining room, a sofa table, or even a kitchen table. Great piece!
woodtableI’ve always had a weakness for brown transferware. It’s not easy to find, but a dealer from Virginia had a large collection for sale.  These salad plates are stamped by Masons of England (Ironstone). This particular pattern originally dates from the 1860’s.  These were replicated in the early 1900’s and sold in Macy’s department stores.  They are wonderful to hang on a wall for decoration, or of course to use.
browntransferwareplatesThis is an original transferware cake plate.  The shape is very hard to find. Aren’t the handles beautiful? This would be a wonderful wedding gift.
browntransferwareackeplateOr these? Cream and sugar, so sweet.
browntransferwarecreamandsugarDo we have any purple lovers out there? We’ve never seen such a large collection of violet transferware, but this dealer was showing this lot prominently in honor of violet being an important color this fall.
violettransferwareWe saw a lot of garden furniture for sale. I just love this iron bench. I can just see Lauren and I sitting side by side on a summer day sipping lemonade.  Hurry up, summer’s nearly gone!  Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.


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