vintage harvest trays 3 ways

At the Brimfield Antique Show this fall, we were stopped dead in our tracks by this pile (below) of interesting wood and metal objects with a wonderful weathered patina. In talking to the dealer, we learned that they came from a chicken coup on a farm in Maine. At the end of each drawer was a placeholder where the farmers inserted labels to differentiate the varieties of hens and their wonderful eggs. Finding new uses for utilitarian pieces like this is something we love to do, and on the way back to the car, schlepping our two $8 trays, we brainstormed all of the cool things we could use these trays for. The real beauty of this story is not just that these Maine harvest trays have found their way into our everyday lives, but that whenever we use them, we’ll always think of that beautiful fall day at Brimfield, when we hung out together, sharing our passion for collecting. And then of course, we’ll remember all of those hens!
harvesttraysBelow, the tray used as centerpiece on our dining room table. What could be easier than assembling an assortment of pumpkins and gourds? Visit your local farmer’s market in the coming weeks. Later they can become the basis for your outdoor Halloween decorations.
harvestcenterpieceNo home can have too many trays; breakfast trays, coffee table trays, you name it. This one will come in handy when carrying food and tableware out to the backyard. The size is great and the trays hold a lot more weight than you might think–we were surprised by their sturdiness.
nooktrayAnd finally, Lauren came up with the idea to use the metal wire mesh drawer to display her costume jewelry. Clever, no?
jeweltrayCan you guys think of any other cool ways to use these drawers/trays? Have you found any great old pieces lately that you’ve found new uses for? We’d love to hear about it!

  • Rebecca June

    I love the idea of using it as an art piece to display your jewelry!


    Rebecca June

  • Kendall

    you two are amazing! everything i see on your site, i want to recreate. amazing, thanks for all the posts!