color theory: turquoise

Congratulations, turquoise! As you may already know, turquoise has been named the new hot color for 2010 by Pantone. According to the folks over at Pantone, turquoise combines the “serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, and evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters.” What more could you ask for in a color?! We’ve always loved turquoise as an accent color in any room. Below are a few favorite ways we’ve seen the hue used lately. (photo credits, clockwise from top left: House Beautiful, Dan Duchars, Diamond Baratta, House Beautiful) Do you like decorating with turquoise? I think it’s a great color to use as an “updater,” when you don’t want to/can’t afford to change an entire space but still want to refresh a room. When it comes to fashion, I think turquoise should stay in the accessories realm. I’m not a fan of the color unless it’s used in jewelery or as an embellishment. I found this great turquoise Commes Des Garcons wallet for my mom for Christmas (below)–she can’t miss the thing in the deep, dark hole that is her purse. Below, a few great turquoise pieces of late.Clockwise from top left: Commes Des Garcons wallet, Marjorie Skouras chandelier, vintage lamp found in Rhinebeck, NY (we took this piece home–I couldn’t bare to part with it!), Ankasa pillow at Lilian August in Westport, CT.

  • Merci New York

    Such amazing picks! Was just introduced to your blog- I adore it!

  • Kristen

    I’m in love with this turquoise color. Im looking for table lamps this color. Any suggestions?

  • goodbone

    I think you’ll see more once the Spring collections show up in stores. We’ll be on the look out for you.
    The one featured is vintage from the 70’s. We’ve never seen anything like it!

  • Genevieve Gail


  • andrea

    Love your blog! DO you know where that turquoise wallpaper is from in the second picture?

  • Jennifer Evans

    Turquoise has an interesting yet calming affect on me. Love it. But I’m afraid to make a commitment to it in a large piece of furniture or window treatments. Adore it in jewelry and for pops of color as a room brightener. I am totally coveting the vintage lamp…..

  • Jesse

    I LOVE turquoise! I agree with you though that a little goes a long way, so accessories are the way to go. I love your blog and think it is really special the relationship the two of you have and can work together. Inspiring!

  • Jodi Olson

    You blog is captivating. I run a website,, so naturally I was drawn to your budget style category. Really fun posts! You are a great model too! Will you be posting more in this category?

  • goodbone

    Yes, we love to find timeless pieces at bargain prices!

  • Jane

    I love the colour turquoise but I agree with other posts it will “date” very quickly. Accessories are probably the better way to go unless time and money are no option.