Mom and I have recently been sifting through boxes and boxes of old photos for an exciting upcoming project. We spent an entire day at the dining room table sipping tea and reminiscing. Some of my mom’s outfits from the 80’s really made me laugh. Her style has really evolved over the years (for the better, I think), even though she insists she was always on the up and up. Full length denim dresses….really, mom? Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing some of these old photos of us! Below, in matching Laura Ashley dresses. It doesn’t get much better than this.
We dressed alike in the 80’s too. Matching denim skirts and bomber jackets!
Getting a ride with mom.
Nice Legs!
More recently in Venice, Italy…

  • Jeannine @ Small & Chic

    Wow…I had that Laura Ashley dress (or maybe the version they made for preteens?). Middle schoolers in my hometown (Ridgewood, NJ) traditionally attended ballroom dancing and etiquette classes. All of the girls wore Laura Ashley dresses with white gloves. Seeing that picture reminded me of looking like a floral print clone standing in a receiving line. Thanks for taking me back!

  • susan

    your venice skirt is like a dream. i wish i had it in my closet!!!

  • Jane

    Great pics. I remembers wearing Tretorn Tennis shoes even though I can’t play tennis! Also Laura Ashely! Your Mom was very fashionable. That’s what many people wore. I

  • The Zhush

    Can’t wait to see what it is that you are working on…and be careful poking fun at your Mom…what comes around goes around, in all respects! You may have a daughter one day, and the rest is history!

  • Kelly

    I’ve gotta say, I think time has done you both well – your looks in Venice are heavenly. I want your skirt, Laur!

  • Joanne

    I think Betsy deserves credit for that first look!!

  • goodbone

    thanks, kelly.

  • Emily

    I too had that Laura Ashley dress! I was so proud of that dress I wore it EVERYWHERE. My poor mother would buy me different dresses to wear in its place, but I would always go and change into that thing. I even wore late into elementary school, which I’m sure it was way too small by then!

  • Jessica

    No joke, my mother, sister and I did a fashion show in 1988 with dresses JUST like those Laura Ashley dresses in the very first photo. Oh boy!

    You two are phenomenal, just discovered the blog and have already caught up on all posted in the last few days. Thanks so much for teaching us about design, architecture, etc in so many of these posts.

    Keep it coming!!

  • goodbone

    Really, wow! Lauren has given me such a hard time about it. It’s all in fun.

  • goodbone

    Thanks so much for commenting. It seems like that dress could tell many stories!

  • carolina postcard

    I have pictures of my mother and I in matching polka-dot Laura Ashley dresses as well. Yikes! At least I know we weren’t the only ones. Just found your blog – so cute!

  • Brigitte

    it’s very funny! I remember this Laura Ashley dress, we could find it in France.

  • jbhat

    Okay, I had to come back for a second look at these. Suzanne, you look younger now than you did when you were young. You really look amazing! Good for you. And Lauren looks older, ha ha, but in a good way too. Good Bones, Great Pieces? How about Good Bones, Great Genes!


  • ModHomeEcTeacher

    I loved seeing these pictures. Your mom is darling, as are you. We did our best in the 80’s. I wish my grown daughter enjoyed my love of design. Well, she does enjoy being the recipient of it. (Headboard, reupholstered chair, painted canvas for her San Diego townhouse.) Keep up the good work.
    Also see my projects on chicago under Shelly.

  • Felicia S.

    Seriously, your mother looks like your sister. Beautiful the both of you!

    Felicia S.