pier 94 at home, winter 2010

Lauren and I explored the “at Home” exhibition at the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) yesterday. Between the two of us, we’ve attended so many of these exhibitions we’ve both developed a sort of mindset that helps us to edit what we’re seeing while we’re seeing it. As we take off down each aisle, we’re not really looking for the latest industry trends, we’re interested in finding pieces that excite us. The pieces we love are usually inspired by primitive American design, or classic European forms. We look for this whether we’re at a flea market, antique show, or at a major exhibition of pieces made in 2010 such as this one. And the more you observe great classic pieces, the more you know what to look for when choosing something for your home that will really last. We were happy to see that many furniture makers were reproducing classic old tables, chairs, and lighting in really appealing ways. This idea of making old things new was best executed by a Little Rock, Arkansas company called Park Hill. Their booth was truly exciting. Controlled clutter for some, but for us, nirvana. Check it out:
The Park Hill partners have traveled extensively both in this country and abroad, and the pieces they’ve collected along the way have been reproduced with a very thoughtful eye. The results are some of the best we’ve seen.Apparently this chandelier is a bestseller in their store (one of two) in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you look closely, you’ll see it is lit with small votive candles.
We’re always drawn to Ankasa pillows and linens, and at this show, we loved what we saw. Their unique fusion of fashion and home comes across so strongly in their pillows. Their color palettes each season mirror what’s happening on the runway. We’re loving the chocolate brown collection.
Ankasa’s latest invention is a bed scarf. It’s designed to be like an accessory, at the foot of the bed; not unlike the scarves we throw around our necks. Lauren is particularly skilled at this–but you probably know that already.
This sofa will have to remain anonymous for now. I honestly cannot remember which booth I saw it in. If you recall, please advise! We were drawn to the exaggerated height of the seat back.  And how pretty is it to put single stems in small glass and silver bottles? Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most successful.
For all of you first time apartment dwellers (and just about anyone who loves color), we highly recommend these adorable small side tables made by OOMPH in Connecticut. Their color selection is fabulous and the lacquer finish on all of their pieces is exquisite.
And finally, for all of you environmentally friendly consumers, please check out the wonderful blankets and pillows from in2green. We adore their chic home accessories, made from recycled textiles. They’re really warm and durable, as well as pretty. A wonderful gift for anyone, especially right about now. Happy February!

  • http://www.jessekpeak.blogspot.com Jesse

    Beautiful things, those pillows are gorgeous!

  • http://www.liveitathome.blogspot.com Jamilyn

    I love everything here! That sofa is amazing, love the high back. I am going to look into those pillows for my living room!


  • http://12eyes60toes.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    Just adore the bed scarf; will have to wait until it reaches the pacific northwest! Love, love, love reading your blog!


  • http://www.hamptontoes.blogspot.com Hamptontoes

    The Oomph tables are great! I was at the Pier last Saturday and took photos of these exact tables…I love the offered colors!

  • http://pvedesign.com pve design

    I have some oblong scarves and shawls that I always add to my bed – who knew they were bed scarves! I love adding a little accessory to a room!

  • http://musingsofarandomnobody.blogspot.com/ OMG-GBGP

    I lovelovelove those Oomph tables! Unfortunately the website you gave for it seems to be incorrect: http://www.oomphonline.com works, though!

  • SD

    The Pier Show! I miss it! LOVE the chandelier.

  • http://www.hillcountryhouse.blogspot.com Ann, Hill Country House

    I have just discovered your blog and love it! Your range of subjects is so much fun. I especially love your posts on antiques. I am an antique dealer in Texas who also loves contemporary design, art, and architecture. Fashion is fun, too! What can I say – you cover it all! I am adding you to my list of favorites right now.

  • http://blog.athomearkansas.com/ Paulette @ At Home

    Park Hill Home is a great local business here in Arkansas… a favorite source of inspiration too. Love your blog!

  • goodbone

    Thanks. We’ll definitely check it out!

  • Carol Prokop

    I recently (Aug 31, 2010) purchased a sofa sectional made of 60% Eco2Cotton. The seat cushions stretch and ‘bag’ out after being sat on and have to be subsequently smoothed out. I contacted the store where I purchased this item and they sent a “furniture medic” to determine what the problem was. His diagnosis: “wear”. Huh?? I have contacted Eco2Cotton for help.