color theory: robin’s egg blue

Though many trendy stylists will be embracing the new 2010 Pantene color–turquoise–Lauren and I are sticking to our guns and standing by our favorite blue-based hue: robin’s egg blue. This magical color has never let us down, whether in interior design, or in fashion. Robin’s egg blue was made popular as far back as 15 years ago, when Martha Stewart used the colors of the eggs hatched from her chicken coup in Westport, CT as the inspiration for her first paint collection. Her new paint collection, which just arrived at Home Depot stores nationwide, has several gorgeous renditions of this delightful hue. Hooray! We painted the foyer of our home a robin’s egg blue from Donald Kaufman’s paint collection (DK21). Below, a photo of of the hallway on a sunny day.

My little sister Betsy is moving with her family to a new home in a couple of weeks, and she’s looking to use robin’s egg blue somewhere important. We recommended that she grab several small samples (MSL new paint sells small samples, too), to paint small rectangular sample boards (found at the local paint store). Then, hold them up to the walls in the differing day and night light before she makes a decision. I’ll be there to help her out, and I can’t wait! Here are five great robin’s egg blue paints that are available right now, in case you, too, are feeling it.
1. Martha Stewart Living Enamelware at Home Depot, 2. Farrow & Ball Blue Ground 210: the most pungent bird’s egg blue ever. If you’re looking to make a hallway come alive with color, this is it, 3. Benjamin Moore Rhythm and Blues 758, looks like the summer sky at the end of a perfect beach day, 4. Glidden Robin’s Egg, 5. Glidden Clear Blue Sky, 6. Behr Blue Balloon (DC3A-702). Oh, and we just had to mention how very clever Martha Stewart Living Paint sample cards are. On each color sample card, you can fold the top to reveal a suggested ceiling color, and, on the bottom of the card, you can fold to view a suggested woodwork color. How helpful is that? Happy Spring!

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  • leigh

    Do I spy some secret doors on both sides of your stairs? I love your entryway, so fresh and clean!

  • Allison

    Your blog is such a treat … filled with great ideas, beautiful pictures and inspiration! Your foyer is gorgeous. It helps so much to see the actual paint color on the walls. Do you mind sharing where you got your rug? It’s beautiful! I’m looking for a foyer rug and don’t want another oriental. Any suggestions? I know you get A LOT of questions and comments and certainly do understand that you don’t have time to answer all! – Allison

  • Jamilyn

    So very pretty. I love getting a peak into your home. Would love to see more! I will have to try these colors.


  • Laura

    The blue is smashing against the color in the Living Room….would you be so kind to share what it is? Much Thanks

  • Ada-Marie

    I love the robin’s egg blue in your front hall — it’s so faint, it’s almost a neutral, but infinitely more interesting!

  • Cricket

    This post so spoke to me. Our last house had several shades of traditional blues and I am hoping in our next house we can kick it up a bit. These colors you suggested may just do that.

  • casey

    Fabulous. I’m in love with all the variations of this color. I used Martha’s Araucana Blue in my bathroom and love it ( I also like a few of Benjamin Moore’s historical colors like Palladian Blue and Wythe Blue.

  • sketch42

    Lovely! I think its been popular ever since Tiffany made it their signature color!

  • Jennifer

    This is absolutely my favorite color. My guest bedroom is Olympic’s Blue Shamrock, and I recently my bedroom ceiling Ben Moore’s Palladian Blue at 50% (walls are China White). I love waking up to that happy color!

  • Jennifer

    * recently PAINTED my bedroom ceiling …

    PS love your bell jar and that rug!

  • Hannah Flora

    Love your Robin’s Egg insight! Blues can be daunting, but not after this post!
    Thanks for the sensible tips and always spot on design.

    Such a fan of this blog!

  • Annie

    Comfortable environment and colors!We have many comfortable and fashion shoes here

  • Things That Inspire

    I appreciate that you pointed out Martha’s use of robin’s egg blue 15 years ago – I was recently at an upholstery place, and I overheard the person in charge of pillows declare that robin’s egg blue is ‘so over’.

    Like you, I agree that it is one of the most beautiful and subtle of the blues. I am not a big fan of turquoise – to me, it shouts. Give me the soft whisper of robin’s egg blue any day.

  • Michelle Hall

    I LOVE your foyer!! I am shopping for robin’s egg blue paint and looked at DK21 on the Donald Kaufman Color website, it appears tan. Do you know if the color you used is still available, or if the number listed is correct? I appreciate your sharing! Thanks!!

  • slim1

    I love your foyer and the colour of robins egg blue is gorgeous! However DK21 is beige so I think you listed the wrong colour in error. Would you mind updating it please so we can take a look at it??? Thanks so much for the gorgeous pics!