accessorizing a coffee table

One of the things that often gets overlooked in decorating projects is the final layer of accessorizing that every room needs to  give it that cozy, lived-in feeling. One of the easiest ways to add character and charm to your living room is by accessorizing your coffee table. A lot of folks are often intimidated by this wide-open surface, but fear not, we’ve put together a few fool proof tips for styling this tablescape on a budget. Below, interior designer Elizabeth Bauer’s vintage lucite coffee table in her NYC apartment.

Easy coffee table styling tips:

1. Invest in some attractive coffee table books. Full price art and fashion books can be expensive; we like to buy ours at second hand book stores or used on Amazon. The look you’re going for isn’t about showing off books that are in pristine condition, but more about using them as an anchor for any smaller objects you rest on top of them. Two or three books per stack is usually about right.
2. Don’t try and stack books that are too small.
3. Add fresh flowers. Once you’ve got the first layer down (the books) add a small vase of flowers or even an orchid at one end.
4. Add objects both on top of your stacks of books as well as on the coffee table itself. A small tray with a candle on it or a few coasters is always nice. Or any of your favorite collectibles and a small picture frame.
5. Take a step back and make sure you haven’t cluttered your tabletop. While in most cases we like to air on the side of simplicity, the coffee table can take more than your average tabletop.

Here are a few more examples of great coffee table styling…

Above image from Little Green Notebook and below from Lonny.

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