A Salon Style Wall of Art

One of the things we wanted to show people how to do in our new book was to hang a wall of art, salon-style. We found all of the pieces that now hang above our living room sofa at Brimfield last Spring. Each piece was under $100 each, some were even purchased for $20 or $30. A nice way to amp up your art collection is to include mirrors or other hang-able objects. The mirror in the center of our arrangement was originally just an old frame we found that we cut a piece of glass for.

People often ask us what the secret is to hanging a collection of pieces on a wall and there are a few tips we always give. The first is that you should lay out all of the pieces you intend on hanging on the floor first. Play around with the orientation of the frames and make sure you like what you see! We hung this collection of pieces (above) in a strict box because we wanted a more uniform look, but there are tons of salon style walls that are more free form. In fact, hanging pieces free form (if you have a vision) can be quite easy because there’s really no measuring required; just start with the largest piece in the center and go from there! Below, a salon-style wall we created for a client’s first apartment.

This wall was more free form and actually covers the entire wall and up and over her refrigerator which sits to the left of the demilune table. This is one of our favorite salon-style walls we’ve ever done. Our client had a great collection of pieces to work with!

  • Kelly

    I have those exact same chairs for a table in my living room.  I was disappointed the top seat are was a cloudy plastic versus the clear plastic.  Where did you find the cushions?  I’ve been looking for cushions that are so plan.  Are yours custom? 

  • Susan Raisch

    Love a salon style wall and those chairs are darling!

  • Lauren

    yes the seat cushions are custom!