Suzanne McGrath Design, Office Redo

Last week, the state of our office had finally become unmanageable. Fabrics and papers were covering just about every tabletop and nothing seemed to be where we put it last. Coming off of a super busy summer, we needed to restore some order to the space where we spend the majority of our day. We had to come up with a few new organizational systems–like specific boxes for each of our clients, and a better way to file all of our papers and post our inspiration–but we also wanted to make the room feel more finished and like a space we actually wanted to be in. We spend most of the day decorating other people’s homes, we should feel good about our own office! Full disclosure: we’re embarrassed to show you how bad these before pictures are. So, without further ado, here’s what we were operating in just a few days ago…scary, we know.  And here’s what our new set up looks like! We used to have two mismatched desks pushed up next to each other against the windows but they were taking up too much space. This table is actually a lacquered dining room table we bought from Crate & Barrel. The lamp is from our most recent trip to Brimfield. We love it’s curvy, graphic lines. 
Remember these campaign dressers? They’ve been around the block and finally ended up in our office. They make great storage! We hung a few pieces of art we’ve had lying around the office and in our basement to bring the walls to life a bit.
This colorful, oriental lamp was another one of our recent Brimfield finds.  The simple roman shades are from the Shade Store. We love having sunlight from three exposures. Though it does make storage a challenge. The bookshelf is from Ikea and has been SO key for us in terms of organizing our fabric library. The baskets above house all of our solid colored fabrics and trims.

Before this room was an office, it was a TV room and this built-in-bookshelf had a space in the middle for a TV. Before we hung this bulletin board, that space was becoming much like our purses–a bottomless pit. Things were getting thrown in there and never seeing the light of day again.

Before we found these Container Store bins, we had been keeping client’s fabrics in binders and notebooks–not ideal when you start accumulating multiple fabrics per client. Now each client has their own bin to store whatever fabrics we’re working with at the moment.

We switched our wallpaper collection into these grey colored bins, instead of the pink. The pink baskets were left over from a project and neither of us really ever liked them for the office.

So, what do you think? Better? We both feel like we can breath again! Have you found a fool proof way to organize your home office?

  • TheLittleBlackDoor

    I love that it only took a few key changes to make such a big difference. And I love the idea of the bulletin board covering up the TV ‘hole’. A beautiful space to create in!!

  • Bethany at Powell Brower Home

    looks like a lovely place to work. i especially love the fabric cubbies. i love to play with fabrics!!!!

  • Jaime Lynn

    Loving that lamp…fantastic find. Already ready for Spring Brimfield!

  • Sarah

    Gah! There’s the lamp I love! It looks fab!

  • Rachel

    So bright and fresh! What a pleasant place do get some work done. The color on the campaign dresser is fantastic, too! – Rachel

  • Amy Wilson

    It’s beautiful – thanks for sharing! I have an office area that looks very much like your “Before” pictures! This gives me some inspiration to make it look like your “afters”! 🙂

  • Kate

    Love the lamps, and those campaign dressers are gorgeous — do you know what the paint color is on them?

  • Lauren

    Fresh mint by Benjamin Moore!