Bookcases for a Client

This week one of our favorite interior design clients asked us to accessorize the large bookcase in her family room. As it was, it was full of family photos, a few little knick knacks and not enough books. We love including family photos on our bookshelves, but in moderation! To give our client a more polished, stylized look, we brought in more books from another space in the house and purchased a mix of new and vintage objects d’art to really pull this area of the room together. Check out this before and after below. One of the keys to accessorizing a large bookcase like this is not getting too symmetrical with your objects. For example, if you look to the left, I broke up the turquoise foo dogs on two different shelves. Tricks like this will help your shelves look put together, but not too fussy. When you are collecting objects to sprinkle in with your books, look for pieces of varying heights (make sure you measure the height of your shelves before you go out shopping!) as well as pieces that can bring color.  

Because displaying family photos is important to this client, I wanted to find a way to make all of the frames look a little more uniform. I picked up about six of these chic bamboo frames at Two’s Company and then used only the nice silver frames of the client. Couldn’t resist adding a fun orange chevron into the mix too!The trick to interspersing small objects with your books is to stack them on top of a few books. This will give them height but also make them feel apart of the grouping. I like to put pieces of art on my bookshelves too, like this vintage crane print, below. You can prop them up using small books behind or you can purchase these little clear plastic display holders at places like A.I. Friedman. While I was there I also accessorized the coffee table. I purchased some of our favorite fashion and art books to give the table some color. A few little bowls, a wood box, and a pretty candle later et voila! Styling a coffee table is all about moving pieces around. You will know when you’ve got it right, it just take a little trial and error!We’re always surprised (and pleased!) by what a difference styling the coffee table and bookshelves in a room can do for it’s overall feel. It can instantly bring color, interest and a whole lot of sophistication. 
For a limited time we’re offering our signature accessorizing services to help folks in the NYC/Metropolitan area get their home ready for the holidays. If you’d like to know more, e-mail us at Happy styling!

  • Janna McCalley

    Looks so nice. That’s the results I want for our new built in bookcase that’s about to be painted. I have to somehow make my hubby’s engineering textbooks look chic! Those bamboo frames might be just what I need to distract from them.

  • ashleigh

    Looks so great. C. Wonder (Chris Burch’s shop) has some good inexpensive boxes: