Cynthia Driscoll’s interiors shop

A few weeks ago we were in Boston for a book signing and stopped into a great little store on Charles Street in Beacon Hill owned by the Boston-based interior designer Cynthia Driscoll. We often find boutique home stores operated by designers to have the best selection of unique vintage and one-of-a-kind upholstered pieces. Driscoll’s store is no exception and culls beautiful items from all around the world. We saw these slipper chairs (below) in the window and just had to stop in. Does anyone recognize this fabric? It’s absolutely fantastic. We love the way she used the edges of the fabric repeat for the chairs’ skirts. A great pair of new brass twig sconces…This pair of andirons had been bought months before by another interior designer and still hadn’t been picked up. We wanted to scoop them up right then and there!A colorful figurative nude framed so elegantly…Driscoll found these red “poufs” while traveling in Africa. Does anyone know what they are? One of them would be a great addition to a salon-style wall. 
How would you use one (or two) of these “poufs” in your home? What about above a fireplace?

  • Tokyo Jinja

    The African poofs were a Domino favorite…I can try to dig out the issue I remember them tracking them down in if you want more info.

  • Christine

    The red poufs are African headdresses made ouf of pheasant feathers I believe. Tucker Robbins used to sell them, I am not sure if he still has them for sale.

  • Julie

    The red poofs are called Juju hats.

  • kristen

    fabric is by no 9 jim thompson

  • Stacey

    Yes those red poufs are called juju hats and they are gorgeous! I’m located in Oz so I only know Australian suppliers like and but I’m sure there would be US stockists.

  • Nancy with Powell Brower Home

    Love juju hats! You can find them for around $250 if you look hard…

  • Ann

    The fabric is Enter the Dragons by Jim Thompson.