Diamond sisal rugs

One of the biggest trends in rugs right now is the diamond patterned sisal. We like it because it can bring a casual feeling to a formal room (like the one below), but also bring a little texture and graphic pattern. We think it is THE most fool-proof rug on the market–but it’s also one of our most favorite to look at! Most of the diamond jute or sisal rugs you see in magazines are made by high-end companies like Stark and Shyam Ahuja where an 8 x 10 will run you well into the thousands. Here’s a close up of a handwoven diamond sisal by Stark. Keep an eye out on One Kings Lane, they often sell these Stark rugs at a great discount. Also Stark has an outlet in Connecticut where you can often find these rugs at slashed prices. A serene, but cozy room featured in Lonny magazine.We love sisal rugs full stop, but this diamond pattern really ups the ante. All of the rooms below are totally different in style, yet this rug works in each one of them. A favorite room by Nate Berkus…In Lonny magazine…While it’s tricky to find anything handwoven for less, here are a few great alternatives that really do give you a similar look for a whole lot less. We’re thinking of using the Home Decorator’s version (bottom right) for an upcoming project. Clockwise from top left: Shades of light, Dash & Albert, West Elm, Home Decorators. What do you think of these rugs? Would you use them in your home? Do you have any budget friendly resources we’ve left out?

  • Sarah

    Thanks for this round up! I love these diamond sisal rugs!!!SO chic.

  • Cardie

    thanks for the post, I saw on Pinterest. I would like one because sisal is a very durable fiber and made from maguey. I’m going to check prices of your referrals

  • Grace

    Thank you for the timely post, I did see the Stark diamond sisal rugs on OKL but they did not offer it in the color I liked. I have been looking around for alternatives so this is great!

  • Kathy

    i love this look too and have been trying to find a less expensive alternative. thanks!

  • Liz

    Love these. I always think sisal, boring. But you’ve shown here that’s not the case!! Thank you :))

  • Lauren

    Found the best substitute for the Stark sisal. Fiberworks Bakari. All sisal at 1/4 of the price. Exact 9″ repeat on the diamond pattern