faux bois wallpaper

We’re feeling inspired lately by faux bois wallpaper. It’s a traditional rustic motif that feels very fresh and chic right now. A great way to add an organic architectural element to a room, it’s a great solution for all those sad sheet rock walls. Our favorite textile maker of faux bois wallpaper is Nobilis. We stopped into their showroom yesterday to pick up the paper they’ve become known for which comes in 4 different stains of “wood.” Below, a staircase designed by interior designer Tom Scheerer covered in Nobilis’ grey wash faux bois paper. Even up close this paper really does trick the eye!Here are the 4 different versions Nobilis makes. Which one do you think most? We have to say, we’re partial to the grey.  

This color below was recently featured in a dining room in Elle Decor.

One of the great things about this paper is that it can but cut anyway you like to create different panels. You can run the paper horizontally, vertically, both or anyway you can think up! It was hung in alternating squares of vertical and horizontal in the showroom at the D & D building. The paper brings so much warmth to this lovely living room. It envelopes you in a way that paint just can’t compete with.A small entryway or hallway of your home is a nice place for this wallpaper to live. We’d love to see it in a library too. 

Are you on board with how chic this is? We can’t stop thinking/talking/dreaming about it.