small space solution: the daybed

Recently we’ve been on the hunt for a daybed for one of the small spaces we’re designing. If you live in a 1 room city studio, then you know how challenging it can be to create both a living and a sleeping area in one space. One option, if you must have a true bed and you have enough square footage, is to use a screen to partition off one area from the other. Another idea is to use a day bed. It can be the main seating option during the day, or paired with a small sofa if you have the room and need more seating. What’s great about a lot of the daybeds on the market right now is that many of them have a trundle underneath so you can store another twin bed for visitors. As long as you don’t mind striping the sheets of your bed everyday (and replacing with an upholstered cover and decorative pillows), the daybed can be a way to make a small space both functional and chic. Here’s a beautiful vintage daybed that was featured recently in Carolina Herrera’s daughters apartment in Madrid in Elle DecorA few inspiration images featuring some of our favorite daybeds. Daybeds work great in kids rooms, nurseries (they’re the perfect spot for mom or dad to pass out during late nights), libraries, and guest bedrooms. We also love them as a way to separate a large living room into two different seating areas! 
After an exhaustive search, we’ve narrowed it down to our top eight daybeds, one of which is the classic Parsons by West Elm. We’ve spied it (in white) in interior designers Nick Olsen and Zach Motl’s apartments.
Another favorite is from Ballard Designs, featured recently in Elle Decor in Claiborne Swanson Frank’s home office/guest bedroom. Her interior designer created a mattress cover, skirt, and pillows out of a custom Rogers and Goffigon fabric to give it a luxe edge. A few of the front runners…1. Jennifer Delonge 2. West Elm 3. Pottery Barn 4. Oly. Doesn’t the upholstered chevron daybed by Jennifer Delonge (1) make a great impact in this nursery?

5. Hickory Chair (to the trade) 6. West Elm 7. Ballard Designs 8. Zentique. We found this used Crate & Barrel faux bamboo caned back daybed on Etsy. Crate & Barrel no longer sells this style–too bad!
Here’s the Crate & Barrel daybed in a space. Of course our favorite daybed has to be discontinued! If anyone knows a way we could get our hands on one, please let us know!Two adorable little girl’s rooms featuring a custom daybed (left) and the West Elm daybed (right). Did we overlook any great daybeds out there? Please inform us!




  • rcwillman

    love the faux bamboo CB model, hard to imagine they would discontinue it!

  • Rachel

    One of my favorites is the Serena and Lily Presidio! Similar to the Pottery Barn version but with lots of slip cover options.

  • Lauren

    Us too! We’re devastated!

  • Liz

    Is it possible the beds in Nick and Zach’s apartments are Ikea Malm beds. That’s what I recall and they look more like that.

  • Liz

    I recall that Zach’s is a Malm that they borrowed the headboard from another set and put two headboards on one frame to get that look. Still a cheap route given the Ikea price tags…

  • Fiona

    Also liked the daybed in Claudia Benvenuto’s spread in Elle Decor. I think you posted about it a few weeks ago – Small Wonder, I think the article was called. Nice choices….especially for a certain guest room…..hint, hint.

  • Kathy

    I also like the Ballard Designs New Canaan daybed which has lots of slipcover options (and you can do COM) and the Pottery Barn Charlotte daybed (the blue was my favorite but it looks like its been discontinued).

  • Hillary Butler {Fine Art}

    Completely head over heels for Claiborne Swanson’s office. So chic!!

  • Giang

    There are a couple of great ones by CostPlus World Market.
    I hope that helps. I loved the ones you premiered as well.

  • Jane

    I am trying to locate a daybed with a pop up trundle that is smaller than a twin so that when you pop up the trundle it becomes a queen bed rather than the typical two twins that open to a king size bed which I don’t have room for. Hope you can help.

  • Eulalie

    Check out the Charles P. Rogers Milan chaise; it is only 33 inches wide.

  • Dahil

    I would like to purchase one similar to the “gold” one in the bottom right corner of your collage. Where can I buy it?