the blu dot desk

We’ve got some exciting news over at GBGP: we’re moving our office into New York City! And you know what that means–it’s decorating time! In our office in Rye, we are using a long dining room table as a shared desk and it works really well (4 people can easily sit at it). We have both always been big fans of the Srut table by Blu Dot. While we can both agree on the style of desk, the color has been quite a debate. Below, you can see one of the main fabrics we’ll be using in the space. I think we should go with the red colored (“watermelon”) desk, and Suzanne thinks we need to go more neutral with the ivory, arguing the red could be limiting. I say, red is fun, let’s take a chance! What do you all think?

I fell in love with the red version of this desk years ago when I first saw a photo of it in Jenna Lyons’ J Crew office. However, I have been perplexed as to if it is actually the red, or some custom color pink (or maybe it’s just been color corrected in photoshop?!) Any insight into this conundrum much appreciated! Here it is looking very red…
Now it’s more of a peachy red…And now it’s petal pink…Cast your vote on red or ivory below!

  • Laura @ Chaotic Domestic
  • Liz C

    I say get the red; if you hate it down the pike, you can always have it re-painted to a more neutral color, or even to a more daring bright.

  • Sunny

    They call it ‘watermelon’ on their site. I vote for that one! 😉

  • Suzanne

    Thanks! Laura 🙂

  • Leah Anderson-Wimberly


  • rcwillman

    Red most definitely red, inspiring, cheerful, stands up to any light conditions and most importantly won’t show every scuff mark, red!!!!

  • Helen

    Ivory, definitely ivory. Don’t underestimate the understated.

  • leigh

    Watermelon looks good!

  • Liz

    I have the x-large strut in watermelon. We use it as our dining table because we have 3 kids three and under and it’s super durable and easy to clean. It’s definitely NOT red. I wouldn’t ever use that word to describe it. Pink. Watermelon. These are the right words. The last pic where you describe it as “petal pink” is definitely not an accurate color pic. It’s much darker than this. The first pic with the black trim windows is too saturated. Not very accurate picture either. The J Crew office pic you described as “peachy red” is probably the most accurate. I really do love this table. I have 6 off-white wishbone chairs paired with it and it’s awesome. I was going to buy the off-white as well and it was my husband who encouraged me to go with the watermelon to have a little fun. I’m glad we did. The negative for us is that we have exposed wood ceilings and wood floors and there is a lot of pink in the woods so white maybe would have looked better in hindsight but everytime I see the fun pink table I’m happy. I say go for it. But truly I think you can’t go wrong with either one …

  • carole

    Red…watermelon..redermelon? It’s got my vote!

  • Dervla @ The Curator

    oooh I’d go with red, maybe Jenna gets it repainted every year?

  • TheLittleBlackDoor

    Red for sure!

  • madeleine collins

    I love the red! A bit of bold color for long work days is never a bad thing!

  • giulia

    red, it’s energetic

  • ehhte

    I read once Jenna said she bought it because the “pink” reflected well on her skin

  • Keeping It Cozy

    How exciting to be moving your office! I love the table and fabric choice, but my personal vote is for ivory. 🙂 Then you can add color with accessories! But I know whatever you do will be absolutely gorgeous.

    P.S. I purchased your book and it just came in the mail yesterday. It looks beautiful and I am so excited to read it!

  • Hillary Butler {Fine Art}

    RED!! So bold and happy to kiss away any work day blues!

  • Justine Lemmon

    we have 3, 2 dk gray and one ivory. The kids have stained the ivory one w markers and pen. Go for the darker watermelon!

  • Erin

    dark watermelon,, between red and pink.

  • julia

    welcome to the city! i live in the burbs as well and have an office in the city. sometimes during the commute, i think “why?” since i work for myself and can easily have the office nearby. but there’s just something about the energy in the city that makes it worth the hike. (“watermelon!” said the woman who has a metal filing cabinet spray painted yellow.)

  • anna

    definitely go with the watermelon! white has been done- color is confidence!