I Married Adventure

I was working on a photo shoot two weeks ago at Martha Stewart Living’s offices pulling props from their amazing and extensive prop room. One of my favorite things about Martha’s prop room is the wall of color coded vintage books. I immediately spotted a gorgeous book called “I Married Adventure” by Osa Johnson which was published in the 1940’s. The zebra print cover jumped right off the shelves as did the fabulous title. Intrigued, I asked the prop house librarian about this book. “Oh yes,” she said, “This is one of the most favorite books of prop stylists. Keep your eye out and you’ll see it in loads of editorial and advertising photos.” When I got home I did a little googling on this book and found it popping up on some very chic bookshelves. Take a look at some of the lovely ways people have used this book to accessorize their homes (in picture below, book is at the bottom of the stack, far right).
Here’s the book sitting at the top of a tall stack in a Lonny photo. 

Byredo perfume was so inspired by this book it created an entire collection of eux de parfum around it…See if you can find “I Married Adventure” on these shelves!Of course, I’m now obsessed with getting my own copy of “I Married Adventure.” There’s someone on Etsy selling a copy for $10 (click here) and a few people selling copies for significantly more on Ebay (click here). Any of you guys have a copy of this book? How do you display it?

  • Laura @ Chaotic Domestic

    This is so cool! I loved seeing all the ways the same book was used in different places. I never really thought that the same books would be so common!

  • http://twitter.com/ThePursuitStyle Lindsay

    I found a copy on ebay a few years back and have moved it around my apartment probably a million times since. Currently it’s on my bookshelf with an orange/white ikat bowl from Anthro perched on top. I’d really like to track down a copy of Four Years in Paradise by the same authors. It’s much more difficult to find, but it’s covered in an amazing giraffe print!

  • Keeping It Cozy

    How awesome! It’s amazing how the smallest things can be such an inspiration…

  • TheLittleBlackDoor

    First of all, Martha’s prop closet – what a great place to be! The cover of that book is wonderful and I love the title. I try to always find a vintage book to bring home when I go on trips. Now I have a new one to keep an eye out for. Thanks!

  • Liz

    There is also another book titled “Four Years in Paradise” with a Giraffe pattern cover. It is on the shelf next to “I Married Adventure” in the first I Spy photo. Would love to own both!

  • Shannon
  • Lauren

    Hadn’t seen it! Thanks, Shannon!

  • julie

    I loved it so much it was the inspiration for Henley, On Safari!

  • HeatherHolmberg

    I have a very ‘magical’ story about how this book came into my life about 20 years ago. I was reading in a short paragraph about the Johnson’s in an encyclopedia in the public library and thought, I should go and see if that book, “I Married Adventure” is in the library. I didn’t. But, when I left the library that very day, there was a rack of books for sale. I glanced over – and there it was! I bought it for one dollar. And, it has graced on a variety of coffee tables ever since.

  • Suzanne

    That is amazing! What luck! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/TheCuratorblog Dervla Kelly

    oooh now i want this book too! Must go out and find it.

  • http://twitter.com/FashionistaLab Adelle

    I love that perfume set! Do you know where I can find it?

  • http://twitter.com/pembrokeinter Susan

    Yes, I have this book and use it in my home as well as design projects. We must be on the same page because I just posted about this on my own blog last week! http://notesfrompembrokehall.blogspot.com/2012/12/favorite-book-with-which-to-decorate.html

  • Conrad Froehlich

    I Married Adventure is also used in engagement, wedding, and anniversary photo shoots. In addition to their many movies Osa and Martin Johnson wrote 19 books and 100+ magazine articles.

  • Jane Kilpatrick Schott

    Check out my “I Married Adventure” pillows from Empress of The Eye on Etsy. One of my most popular collections ever! Jane Schott

  • Lori

    Knowing nothing about this book… I picked it up at a yard sale recently for $1. because I loved the title and the cover, I then displayed it in my living room , it went so well with the decor, and then today I found it while online shopping vintage! The site had it for sale for $150. ! Love it!