Plug-in wall lighting

There’s something very luxurious about sconces and wall mounted swing arm lamps. And up until recently it was really difficult to find chic wall lighting that plugs into an outlet. Plug-in wall mounted lighting, like the one we used below in a recent client’s bedroom, is the prefect solution for anyone living in a rental, or for anyone that isn’t looking to pay their electrician an arm and a leg to make holes in your walls and rewire your electrical wiring. We think what makes sconces and swing arm lamps look so fancy is because up until now they’ve been a very expensive decorative touch. We found this pair of plug-in wall mounted swing arm lamps (below) from a company online called House of Troy. They were really easy to install (all you need is a drill) and what’s nice about this style is how the cord is actually covered with a small metal tube. House of Troy is a Vermont-based company and tends to be behind most of our favorite styles. Designer Nick Olsen used a similar pair in this Brooklyn apartment featured in House Beautiful. He cleverly disguises the rods with a vase of flowers and some great art. Placing a pair of swing arms on either side of a love seat is a nice way to give the space a more polished look. In Lonny magazine (photo below), the bedside table and part of the headboard masks much of the rod hanging down. Though for us we really don’t mind seeing the rod!After an extensive search online, we’ve found some really great options and almost all of them are under $200 each.  We’re especially fond of the Greek key detail of the fixture below, top right.1 House of Troy / House of TroyLamps Plus / House of Troy / House of TroyHouse of Troy . How great is this brass one with the black shade? House of Troy / House of Troy / House of Troy / Robert Abbey . Which style is your favorite? Have you embraced plug-in wall mounted lighting or do you prefer to use free standing lamps?

  • emilee

    I love these! Rejuvenation also has some gorgeous ones.

  • TheLittleBlackDoor

    I’m so glad you wrote about these as I’ve been obsessed with those swing arm lamps ever since you featured the apartment last week. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been looking for lighting for my little girls’ room and I think I now know where to look. 🙂

  • Sarah Bannan Bradley

    Last fall we installed plug-in swing arms in our bedroom. We absolutely love them!

  • pixie

    I’ve been looking for these to hang on either side of my bed…it’s a small alcove studio and no space for a night stand. I don’t want to go through the trouble and expense of hard wiring them in, these are perfect…thanks for the info on where to find them!

  • levia jack

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