Round skirted tables

While the round skirted table is certainly not a trend (it’s really a classic), it seems they’ve been popping up more and more in eclectic, contemporary spaces. One of the things we love about the skirted round table is that you can create a beautiful one from an old pedestal table (like this one we recently bought at Brimfield) or a round, collapsable party table (like this one from Ballard). It really doesn’t matter what the table looks like underneath the tablecloth–which means you can put all your budget into buying a fabulous fabric. We are currently debating what fabric we’re going to use for the tablecloth we’re making for our round table that will soon be taking up residence in our new office. This foyer (below) designed by Tom Scheerer features a round skirted table with panels in a great Hermes orange with cream trim. When we first propose a skirted tablecloth to a client, they are almost always initially concerned it will make their rooms look too fussy, or traditional. In the wrong fabric, yes, this can be the overall impression, but in the right fabric, the skirted round table is classic, elegant, and oh so chic! Here are a few images of some inspiring round skirted tables…We like the way a large round skirted table looks in an entry or foyer, in a library stacked with piles of beautiful books, or paired with a non-tablecloth covered table next to a sofa topped with a sculptural ceramic lamp. A fun trim can really take this look to the next level. We’d love to make one with a subtle greek key trim. What do you all think about the round skirted table? Fab or fussy?

  • Sarah

    What a great idea! I want to do this!

  • Ann T.

    I love skirted tables, and just made a small one for my home office. I got a fiberboard table from Ballard, and made the cloth myself from some Dwell Gate fabric seconds that I found on eBay. I edged my hem with a contrasting bias and topped it with glass. It added a warmth to the room that can only come from fabric. Now I am going to make a second one as a night stand in my guest room. The measuring and cutting takes a little time, but the sewing is easy, and saves a lot of money.

  • rcwillman

    Love tailored table skirts vs , the random bo ho look of a gypsy scarf casually tossed across the table top. a table skirt makes a great go to stash area when you need to tidy up quickly!

  • Lauren

    Wow! Impressive! I wish I was crafty enough to sew my own tablecloth! Would love to see a picture of how yours turned out.

  • TheLittleBlackDoor

    Completely fab. I will be doing one for sure in the new year.

  • patricia

    I use them for parties … different stations for appetizers, wines, desserts, etc.

  • gerardmaphail

    Love the round skirted tables. Even I have same kind of skirted round table. If you have round table in your dining room or garden area, then, it is the best tablecloth style for your table.