A look back at 2012

Happy New Year, everyone! This year was an exciting one for GBGP as we embarked upon the release of our first book. As we were warned by our publicist and our editor at Abrams, the success of a first time book is very much dependent on press placement and doing everything in your power to get your book’s name out there. With that in mind, and a passion to share our 7 great pieces philosophy with the world, we set out to sell as many copies of our book as possible via book signings, events, and editorials (our hard work paid off when we found out it was the 4th best-selling Home & Garden book on Amazon.com of 2012!!). It was A TON of work and we couldn’t have done it without our Abrams publicist Marisa Dobson, but it was SO FUN and TOTALLY WORTH IT! Here we are last January seeing our book for the very first time at the Abrams booth at the NYC gift fair. It wouldn’t be for another 4 months until the book hit the shelves.Right next to our girl, Lara Spencer! Good company 🙂 We got the amazing opportunity to do a room makeover for the May issue of Teen Vogue.  We basically decorated an entire room, soup to nuts in under two weeks. It was a whirlwind, but the end result was great and the young girl who lives in this room couldn’t have been happier. Teen Vogue’s Senior Market Editor, Mary Kate Steinmiller, styled us for the shoot–we wish we could dress like this on a daily basis!You can see the full Teen Vogue story by clicking hereAbout a month before the book started selling at book stores, we met with our publicist Marisa to send out the advance copies of the book–these books went to writers and editors that we hoped would cover the book. Ladies Home Journal had the exclusive excerpt on the book in their April issue. Seeing images from our book in Ladies Home Journal was pretty surreal. It is still one of our favorite spreads on the book. Our very first book signing sponsored by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Design Center was in the new 1st Dibs clear space. We were thrilled with the turnout and began to think that the book might have legs…Better Homes & Gardens magazine asked us to be in their September Stylemaker issue (crazy!!) where we worked with photographer Dana Gallagher at our house in Rye. Here’s Dana shooting one of our slipper chairs. Our editor, Amy Panos was such a pleasure to work with! Here we are sitting on the love seat in one of the many iterations of our dining room. You wouldn’t believe how many changes our poor house has gone through since we got our book deal. We love it when magazines come and shoot our house, but it means we have to produce something new and different every time it is shot! Wallpaper has gone up and down, window treatments changed, furniture moved around until we were blue in the face. Probably one of the best moments of the year was being on The Martha Stewart Show. After a career working for Martha behind the camera, Suzanne stood in front of the camera for the first time.  Our producer and good friend, Barbara Fight worked with us so that we could design our own set just for our segment. Martha was gracious and proud, too. She loves the book and has been a great supporter from the get-go. In May, we were asked to participate in a fun book signing event at the new C Wonder store in Soho creating a Mother’s Day table setting. Love the wallpaper in the back room of the store! With two of our former (and favorite!) interns, Sarah (left) and Madeleine (right) at C Wonder. We accumulated A LOT of stuff during the year that we shot the book. Many pieces of furniture were custom made for specific shots, and the number of accessories for propping was ridiculous! When we got the call from One King’s Lane to do one of their Tastemaker Tag Sales, we couldn’t say yes fast enough! Here’s our driveway during the shoot this summer. Working with photographer Lesley Unruh was so much fun! She is unflappable. If you are one of the folks who purchased an item from our sale, do send us a photo of where the piece ended up on your home. We’d love to see!  Suzanne’s best friend, Brigitte, whom she visits every year in London utilized her public relations chops to help put together a book signing event in her city. Our book is available at Waterstones book stores in the the UK. Here we are at Harvey Nichol’s in Knightsbridge celebrating with a glass of champagne. They’ve been friends since Suzanne was pregnant with Lauren. That’s a lifetime of memories! We loved sharing this experience with her. Our book is available at Waterstones book stores throughout the UK.One of the best parts about our trip to London was meeting the woman who illustrated the book, Alice Tait. We worked with Alice over the span of about four months entirely via Skype as she lives in Bath, England. She is one the many very talented people we came to know well on our journey with Good Bones, Great Pieces.In August, Suzanne was asked to be on Better Homes and Garden’s Stylemaker panel in NYC with Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy and Kim Myles from Myles of Style. What fun! Here we are talking about what inspires us.Before the panel, we were interviewed by one of the producers of BHG.com for a video they were putting together for the site. Lauren and her summertime Greenbrier party made it onto the cover of the August issue of Lonny magazine (serious pinch me moment!). That swing has taken many a family photo. This one was so very special.Lauren putting up the tent just hours before guests were to arrive with her friend, and the night’s chef, Perrin. We had a major issue with the poles of the tent where a few of the metal pieces were misshapen. Suzanne had the ingenious idea of bringing these pieces to the local auto body store to have them welded into shape–S saves the day! All hands on board per usual.The table setting for the 26 person dinner. Thank you Dorothy Draper for inspiring us. You can see more of this story hereElle Girl Japan asked us to do a mother-daughter fashion editorial with them where we each wore the same piece of clothes or accessory, but styled differently. We love seeing our book title in the midst of the Japanese characters!Our favorite design trip this year was to Hickory, North Carolina to attend the High Point fall market. Here’s Suzanne trying out one of the many, many sofas we saw while there. It was so interesting meeting so many of the professionals who work in the manufacturing side of the design industry–a very impressive group indeed.Signing books at the Boston Design Center hosted by Koo de Monde…The last, and one of the most exciting, things we did this year was sign a lease on an office space/apartment for Lauren in Manhattan. We’re looking forward to sharing the before and after decorating process with you all. At the start of every new year, we always have a list of personal resolutions (usually revolving around exercising more and being nicer to one another–ha!), but we also have resolutions for our house, or rather a list of home improvements we’d like to make. This year, Suzanne wants a cozy carpet for her bedroom and a living room overhaul (after all the photo shoots of this year, the living room’s mismatched furniture and random assortment of textiles has gone beyond anyone describing it as “eclectic.”) Lauren’s list is far too long to list with an entirely new space to tackle. What’s on your New Year’s resolution house list? We’d love to know!

  • Ada-Marie

    What an amazing year! I feel like Lauren — I have a new house to entirely re-paint, decorate and organize! 🙂

  • Ana

    Loved the recap guys! 🙂

  • Bethany – Powell Brower Home

    Wow ladies – what a huge accomplishment last year was for you. Congrats and on to more in 2013!!!!

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    Wow what amazing accomplishments!! May the New Year 2013 be the best one yet filled with health, happiness, and spectacular success!! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2013.

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    Wow 2012 seemed like an amazing journey! Congrats! Here is to an just as impressive 2013~

  • Keeping It Cozy

    What an amazing year you had! I so enjoyed meeting Suzanne this year and have loved getting to “know” both of you a little better through reading your blog and book. Can’t wait to hear what the new year has in store for you.