We spent most of our day yesterday shopping for pieces for clients, doing the rounds at our usual antique stores in Connecticut. Of course, I found this adorable stool with a tufted velvet top that would look PERFECT in our new space. Oh well, add it to the wish list. shop4I am obsessed with wallpapered screens and hope that someday I live somewhere where one is needed. The vibrant colors of this screen were just magnificent.shop1It’s hard to find round coffee tables that we like that aren’t too big and clunky. This one has a gilt top and very simple legs.shop3Another thing we’re constantly on the look out for is great art. And we often find it through some of our antique dealers. This is a fun piece that would add a pop of modernism to any wall (want it for the apartment but don’t have the funds!!) shop2There was just a single one of these beautiful, sculptural wood chairs. There wasn’t any information about it on it’s tag (other than it cost $450), but it looks like it could be Thonet. Anyone know the maker?shop12A Billy Haines faux bamboo table with matching chairs circa the 1960’s. We thought about it for a second for a client’s kitchen, but then decided it was a little too Palm Beach. shop13We’re looking for a glass chandelier for above Abby Larson’s dining room table and this one is quite pretty and a nice scale for the room. shop10We’re both suckers for French barrel back chairs (and nail heads!). There was a pair of these chairs that really need a home STAT. shop9A very unusual pair of side table with gold painted faux bamboo legs. We couldn’t think of a client for them, but they were great.shop7Quite possibly the most uncomfortable piece of furniture to sit on–but that’s not always the point, right? Upholstered in a luxurious velvet, is more like a stunning piece of art. shop8We’re really into Oriental mirrors lately, this red one has been at this antique store for maybe three years. I tried to bargain one of the sales people down from $675 to $400 with the knowledge that it had been sitting in the store for years and hadn’t moved. It also isn’t a particularly high price point for this store, but she wasn’t buying it. So, we walked away. But I’m still thinking about it…mirrorThere was a pair of these Oriental mirrors that thought were fabulous and would bring an eclectic feeling to any room. A pair of these would look great on either side of a fireplace above some sort of table. shop5A smaller, much more ornate Oriental mirror in a fabulous green. shop11A single faux bamboo chair that would make a great one-off in a living room where you already had a pair of upholstered chairs. It’s nice to mix upholstered pieces with wood ones, especially a piece like this that has an open back and side you can see through–gives your space a feeling of lightness!bamboos=chaAnd here’s the side view…chairsideAnyone out there find some great pieces lately to share? We’d love to hear about them. Almost Friday!


  • Bethany – Powell Brower Home

    i found a fantastic chinese screen last weekend that was ENORMOUS in scale. the perfect thing for a client home that needs to fill space with something not so new and out of the box. wish i snagged it, but oh the place to store it? 🙂

  • Lauren

    Storage is definitely a problem. We have pieces waiting for installations all over our house, in our basement, It’s crazy! We really need to get a warehouse 🙂

  • Hillary Butler {Fine Art}

    LOVE that velvet ottoman and French barrel back chair!!!


    Wow – some amazing finds. Love the chinoiserie mirrors.

  • Andrea

    I need those barrel chairs….might I ask where they are?!?!?!