Choosing dining room chairs

We mentioned last week in our Design Updates post that we’re decorating Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty’s Massachusetts home (which, by the way, is SO fun!). We scored this incredible “garden” table for the dining room (isn’t the pedestal beautiful?) and now we’re on the hunt for the perfect dining chairs. The room this table is going in is small, so that chairs can’t be too deep. Which is why we’re seriously considering doing Swedish chairs for their small-scale and elegant details. gardenHere’s a close up of the table top so you can see the patina better. It has a very subtle blue-ish grey ring all the way around.table2This table actually has three leaves so it can really expand and accommodate a big group. tableextendedWe wanted to balance the elegance of the dining table with window treatments that felt organic and not too fussy. We are going to be using this fabric below with this awesome greek key trim along the lead edge. The walls are painted Farrow & Ball Cornforth White (No. 228). treatmentSo, here are the top 4 contenders for dining chairs as of now. Try and ignore the muslin upholstery because we’ll of course be re-upholstering them in something FABULOUS! sw1swe2swe3swe4
Which chairs do you think compliment the dining table best? Please cast your vote below!

  • Mary Ellen

    I favor #3. I like the curve and openness of the back of the chair which mimics the curvature of the table and I think it will soften the overall look of the dining room. The detail in the wood adds interest and richness.

  • TokyoJinja

    I’d have to go with 3 or 4. Number 1 feels too structured and number 2 too formal. I’m assuming these are from Lone Ranger – just wondering if he has any of the softer less structured ones right now – there is another shape he often has. And I have Swedish painted chairs from him around my dining table for similar spacial and aesthetic reasons and I just love them!

  • emilee

    Love the shape of #2.

  • Janna McCalley

    I think the softer curves of no.3 or 4. work really nicely with the shape of the table and it’s base! Love seeing all your finds!

  • courtney mcg

    No. 2 – simplicity of chairs complement curtains and contrast curves of table

  • Eddie Mleko

    I love #2. The juxtaposition of the round table and the square lines of the chairs

  • Ashleigh

    Option 3 – I think a pop of color peeking up from the table along the tops of these chairs will be so visually appealing!

  • Jodir

    No. 1 – I like the slight curve on the back – would compliment the round table nicely. Also, they look comfy. If not No. 1, my 2nd choice would be No. 2. Table is wonderful.

    I do like the black chairs in the first picture – the black chairs would emphasize the beautiful wash on the table.

  • Laura @ Chaotic Domestic

    I’m partial to number one. I like the shape.

  • Courtney

    I say chair 1 or chair 2! I think the lines of these would be a nice contrast to the feminine base of the table!

  • OverThinkingIt

    #2 — I like the look of them and I think they would compliment the round table as well as when the leaves are put in. These also seemed to be a lower profile (at least to me, can’t really say for sure without dimensions) which I tend to prefer.

  • Luluchicago

    Love #2 with #1 coming in second. Don’t love the rounded backs of 3 and 4.

  • Katie Burrall Waddell

    # 2 for sure!!

  • christine

    No. 1

  • Kathy

    Number 4 or 1

  • Sarah

    #2 is by far my favorite!

  • CourtneyOutLoud


  • Mimi

    I prefer # 2. #1 would be second choice. While #3 and #4 are nice, I don’t think they work as well with the table or the window treatment. Love that table!

  • TheLittleBlackDoor


  • Grace

    No2 is my fav, followed by 1.

  • pve

    no. 1 or 2. Even a dark chair for contrast would work but love all the chairs you have selected as possible candidates.

  • Melissa

    I’m in love with #2–gorgeous AND fun, a hard combination to find.

  • Ashleigh Cahir

    I like the angles of chairs 1 or 2 in contrast to the sweeping circular pedestal. But really, anything you two choose will look fabulous without a doubt! Can you provide links or information on the drapery fabric and trim please?

  • Elizabeth

    #2, followed by #1

  • Becs

    Definitely 2.

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