geode accessories

One of my favorite places to shop for accessories for clients is Mecox Gardens in NYC. They always have the best selection of vintage objects d’art, cool trays, and interesting vases and bowls. Last time I was in, I came across these awesome crystal vases (see below) with all different colored geodes attached to the front of them. I realize the whole geode thing is a big trend right now for home–I’ve been seeing them on coasters, bottle stoppers, lamp finials, etc–but I don’t care! I love them anyway! I bought one of these vases to help accessorize a client’s bookshelves and now I’m wishing I had bought one for myself. photo-85Here’s one of the geode vases sitting on the bottom shelf of our client’s bookshelf. IMG_1072Here’s another one of the vases I loved from Mecox. Isn’t the black cool? I’m dying to know where Mecox buys these from. Anyone out there know the source? blackI’m similarly smitten with these little mineral boxes, also at Mecox. They really are the perfect little accessorizing box for a coffee table atop a stack of pretty did a little research online to see if I could find the source for these adorable little boxes and the closest thing I could come up with was a company called  Rablabs. boxesHowever, Rablabs does make these fantastic napkin rings….Untitled-1What I would really purchase through Rablabs though is these malachite boxes:malaHow do you all feel about this geode/mineral stone/malachite trend? Are you with me?



  • CourtneyOutLoud

    I love geodes — I have been collecting and framing sliced geode coasters for clients (and myself). It is a simple DIY project and when grouped together on a wall, makes for a BIG impact.

  • Sarah

    Those geode vases are incredible. I want!!!!

  • therufs

    I will never say no to shiny rocks or super-saturated color. Both at once? Yes please.