Happy MLK JR Day!

Hello from Naples, Florida! We’re here giving a talk on our book for the members of the Seattle Study Club’s 20th Anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited! Last night we were literally swamped with books to sign for audience members. It was fun until it started to sink in how many people we’d be speaking in front of. Yikes!!!books
Do you have any public speaking tricks that you like to use when talking in front of big crowds? We’d love to hear any of your tips. Wish us luck! And check out some of the Instagram photos we took during our little getaway weekend in Naples here.

  • Clayton

    Not sure if I would categorise this advice as a trick, but nonetheless, my experience of good public speakers are those who can channel their nervous energy into entertaining and informative deliverance. The speaker has to be honest and engaging to the point that you feel that are speaking to you personally. But it is a balance. A speaker who is too flippant, babbles on without structure, speaks too quickly, speaks in a monotone voice, or overuses (or misuses) humor will kill the message they are trying to present. Death by PowerPoint is also an absolute no-no. TED has some great examples of brilliant public speakers. When speaking to an audience, I always try to think “what would I like to hear if I were listening to my own speech?”. People will respect you for saying less, but saying it clearly. Avoid a long-winded, overly detailed effort and you are well on the way to success.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pat.roth.102 Pat Roth

    Take a deep breath, stand tall and plant your feet like a tree. Once you get started, it will flow nicely

  • Lauren

    Awe! Thanks Mrs. Roth! Great advice.

  • goodbone

    Thanks, Mrs.Roth! Great Advice.

  • Natalie

    Don’t speak until you have made eye contact with one audience member. Good LucK!

  • Rosemary

    I was an audience participant at the seminar! You both did a great job and I am excited to start following your blog.