New Art at the NYIGF

As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, there was lots of great, new art at this weekend’s New York International Gift Fair. Bungalow 5 introduced wall art for the first time in the form of Degournay/Gracie-inspired faux wallpaper panels. These were really pretty and a great way to get the look for less. bungalow51A peach and pink colored panel, Also by Bungalow 5. We have a feeling we’re going to be seeing these everywhere in no time!bungalow2Design Legacy’s made to order abstract art pieces…designlegacyabstract

designlegacy2 A Wendover ArtGroup piece that is neutral enough to go in lots of different spaces but has a nice textural element to it. wendcroftAlso from the Wendover ArtGroup, these little ikat watercolors would add a nice pop to any wall!ikat2In blue…ikat1Natural Curiosities had a cool collection of charcoal drawings, these two (below) are part of a set of four. natcurio2We both fell in love with these dot pieces also by Natural Curiosities. We love anything polka dot!!polkadotThese feather prints were colorful and whimsical and printed on all organic paper. They are inspired by Native American art. natcurio1

  • laura m

    Yesterday you asked about affordable abstract art sources and I commented suggesting using the high schools/college art students…. Well today you post these Gracie inspired panels? Just last week I hired a local community college art major to paint 2 large canvas’ with Gracie inspired designs!!! For the cost of supplies. It will be a graded project for her class. its amazing what these art students are doing, they work in all kinds of mediums, even glass blowing. Simply email the art department head and the can introduce you to someone whose specialty meets your needs.