Searching for chic desks with storage

Hi guys! So we’re working on a teen girl bedroom right now–two adorable sisters who are 14 and 15 years old.  We need to find new desks for them, but we’re having trouble finding anything with more than two drawers that is cool. As we were reminded by their mother, teenage girls are MESSY and they have lots of STUFF! These are a few of our go-to desks for teen girls (or really any girl for that matter). We’ve always loved the curvy lines of this desk from Bungalow 5, but it’s two measly drawers aren’t going to cut it.
desk1This one, from World’s Away, has a little more storage, but still not ideal. Love the Greek key inspired legs on this guy!
desk2And old standby, the parsons desk from West Elm probably has the least storage of them all.
desk3Take that back! The Blu Dot desk has NO storage!
desk4But seriously, how do you all deal with the storage dilemma without going the way of the desks below (ugh, not fans!). File cabinets below? Bookshelves above? If you have any suggestions or recommendations for chic desks that also have good storage, we’re all ears!
desk5And here’s a sneak peak at the fabrics, rug, and paint color we’re using in this room…

  • Tenny

    We have this desk from West Elm and got baskets and fit the dimensions. Big enough to hide clutter!×2-console-desk-g043/?pkey=coffice-desks&cm_src=office-desks||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-

  • Christine
  • Jodir
  • disqus_UPguSO3RR4

    I really like the desk from West Elm that Tenny linked to…’s sleek but baskets can hide a ton of stuff!

  • therufs

    A Thing in my neck of the woods is to make a desk out of an old door with a piece of glass on top — but you can prop up the piece of glass on the sides so there’s a whole layer of storage below the desktop. Add trays or baskets as desired.

    Or maybe a secretary desk? In addition to a ton of awesome cubbies on top, a lot of them have cabinets or small drawers on the bottom.

  • Lauren

    Thanks for all of the suggestions, guys! Should have mentioned that the desks can’t be secretary style because they are going to sit next to each other on the same wall. Love the West Elm one but not sure they will go for it since the sides are open.

  • Bethany – Powell Brower Home

    Have you guys checked out the campaign desk in white oak and black at Cost Plus World Market?!? I wish wish I had gone with that, instead of the white x-leg one (the ‘josephine). its super good looking, and has lots of writing space, a drawer, etc. and it’s INEXPENSIVE!

  • Christie

    The Parsons desk is perfect for kids. Everything they do is online. I find that deep drawers just fill up with junk! Shallow drawers, or better, no drawers at all (CB2 has a great metal desk in acid green for under $150) encourage kids to keep only what they need. Bonus: my 14 year-old loved assembling his CB2 desk.

  • Erica

    Ikea’s Besta Burs has a high gloss finish, which may be too modern for the look you’re going for (although maybe the white would work), but the two drawers span the entire width of the desk and provide a *lot* of storage. When I was teen, I had a small writing desk and storage/file boxes in my closet – there were shelves tucked into one side of the closet, running perpendicular to the curtain rod.

  • courtney mcg

    check out the latest Ballard catalog – they have a few desks with storage.

  • harlie

    I have a really great, antique school desk with the flip-up desk tops. It’s a double, so I have two storage areas. I keep the items I need regularly on one side and extra supplies/less used items on the other. Items like pens and clips get stored on the attached shelves. Before I bought it, the owner’s young daughters used it for years.