Sourcing art for our new space

Yesterday we went for our bi-annual run around at the New York International Gift Fair. To be honest, there weren’t too many new products, however the art vendors (which is where we tend to focus anyway) had some great new things to see. We were excited to receive some of the fabrics we’ll be using in the new apt/office last Friday (see below) and the Gift Show gave us some good ideas for what kind of art we’d like to hang on the walls. fabricsWe already have this beautiful pair of vintage, hand painted butterfly prints that we’ll be hanging as soon as we can get around to it! But, we’d like to mix in an abstract work somewhere and we have a great opportunity for it over the daybed because the width of the space is huge and the ceilings are SO tall. butterfliesDesign Legacy is making these abstract works to order and we both loved how colorful and cheerful they are. We spoke with the owner and artist of the paintings, Kelly, and he told us he could custom color one for us as the blue doesn’t really work with our color scheme, but we LOVE the orange and the scale of the piece. abstractNatural Curiosities is doing some Rothko inspired pieces that we thought could work, but their scale is a bit smaller. rothkoThere were some pretty landscapes at Wendover ArtGroup but S thought it looked kind of sad…kinda of had to agree. landscapeThis piece did not photograph well at all! But it was actually quite cool and incorporated a lot of the colors in our scheme. modernThere is lots more great art that we’ll share with you tomorrow, but in the meantime, does anyone have any good suggestions for affordable abstract art sources out there?

  • Suzanne Fall

    check out artist lucy williams .. Her website is

  • Laura m

    Local high schools and community colleges are great sources. I got the large 40″ x60″ original watercolor from a high school art program. Framed and all. Excuse the picture , iits a dark gloomy day here in chicago, but the colors are royal blue, fuchsia and emerald green. Custom pieces can be commissioned for a song , plus the student can earn extra credit!

  • Cottage Katie

    I adore the set of three fabrics you got for your new office! They are related, a thread of similarity, but all there own!

  • Lauren

    Thanks, Katie!

  • Lauren

    What a great idea!!

  • Suzanne

    Thanks for introducing us to this blog, it’s really great!

  • Dervla Kelly

    Love the fabrics in the top photo! I use Society 6 and 20×200 for art, not sure if they have too much abstract art though.

  • therufs

    I, too, love those fabrics! Did you post already about where they came from?

  • Lauren

    Martin Lawrence Bullard!