Choosing art for our office

Not sure if you guys know about Matt McGrath–he’s the brother, trained under Ryan McGinley–and the guy behind many of our better photos on GBGP. Now that we have our new office/apartment to decorate, we’re searching high and low for the perfect art pieces for the space. We want a mix of photography, drawings, and abstract pieces. Over our George Smith sofa, we want to blow up one of Matt’s photographs, but of course, we love them all and can’t make up our minds on which one to choose! The pillows on the sofa where this art will hang above are lavender and a saffron yellow velvet, the sofa is very neutral, and there is an olive green ottoman in front (sorry to be so vague–it’s hard to have an opinion when you’re deciding in a vacuum). BUT we would love your input on which piece you like most. I love this one below for the yellow stripes (there are pops of yellow throughout the room). We’ll call this #1.
art1#2. I love how serene, yet sculptural this image is.
art2#3. This is actually a fire pit in the middle of the image but at first glance it looks like a treasure chest until you look closer.
art5#6. I LOVE this image, but I’m a little worried about how the colors will mesh with the fabrics in the apartment. But maybe it doesn’t matter?
#7. This is great because it looks almost like it could be a painting. It’s actually a train.
#8. This one is very architectural and neutral and would definitely work.
#9. This image reminds me of something by William Eggleston.
Thoughts? Which do you like the most? I’m so excited to have a piece by Matt in our place! If you’re interested in Matt’s work, you can e-mail him directly at

  • Tiffany Leigh

    I love the one with the trailer. The colours are beautiful, and the subject is quirky and unexpected. You are such a talented family!!

  • Monica

    Number 2 is my favorite, followed by number 1!

  • Daryl

    If you can’t decide which one, wait till all the furnishings/purchased items are in the space and project the image on the wall in the size you want until you find the image that works best.

  • Erika G

    ooh number #2 and #8! In fact, I would love #2 for my own place!

  • Courtney Lake

    I say #6 – I am a firm believer that art doesn’t have to coordinate with a color scheme. If you love it, it will work in the space.

  • Leslie

    Love 8!!!!

  • Sarah

    I love #2. Also, does he sell his work online?

  • Katie Burrall Waddell

    I love 6,7,9 and 10!

  • ashleigh

    love #6!

  • Matthew McGrath

    Hi all, this is Matt McGrath. You can contact me at to discuss print sales. Finished images are available resized and color corrected to order. Thank you for the comments!

  • Melissa

    I’m voting for #2, followed by #1. I love the idea of the open road in 1, and the century plant in 2. I live in Tucson, Arizona, can you tell? Thank you Matt

  • Hillary Butler {Fine Art}

    #6- it caught my eye first thing. The colors are so smooth and calming.

  • Kelley

    # 8, I don’t think you would get tired of this one and it is very versatile if you should ever redecorate????.

  • Anne

    These are fantastic! I really don’t know which one I’d pick, so I suppose I just came on here to give my praise 🙂

  • Lynn C.

    I like 6 and 7 the best. 6 looks the “happiest.” 7 has great color with the blur of the train.