eye candy by nick olsen

We spent the day yesterday running around New York City (per usual). We started out in the flower market looking for the perfect fiddle leaf fig for a project we’re working on (found the perfect one at Foliage Garden). From there we set out for the Stark Carpet sample sale at the Metropolitan Pavillion (I believe it’s going on all week–there were some great rugs at good prices. Click here to see what we picked up). A quick lunch at City Bakery and then we were off to the D & D building where we were so excited to see the new front room at the Lee Jofa showroom designed by Miles Redd protegé, the insanely talented Nick Olsen. His room is a mash-up of stripes, hot-house florals, a healthy dose of hot pink and some seriously great art–what’s not to love? We were drooling over every little detail. Here are a few snapshots of the FABULOUS bedroom Olsen created for Lee Jofa.no3Both Redd and Olsen love to combine green with either red or pink or both (a classic combination that many people steer away from for fear of their rooms looking too Christmas-y; both designers pull the color combo off with aplomb).no7As you all probably know by now, we love a love seat at the foot of the bed.no9The entire room was swathed in a Lee Jofa stripe that felt like you were inside a magical palm beach cabana. no4A gallery style wall of art on one side of the bed…no1Beeline Home lamps looked great on either side of the velvet, emerald green bed.no11
All of the abstract art throughout the space helped the room feel fresh and innovative, tempering many of the very traditional details.
How great is this bulls eye-like piece of art Olsen hung over the fireplace?no8Hot pink chair, anyone? Also loved all the Suzani pillows sprinkled throughout the room.
no10A small-scale, modern coffee table sat in front of the love seat at the foot of the bed.
no2I have to say the best part of the day though was meeting Roxy Owens of Society Social for drinks at Middle Branch. It’s always so nice to meet people you’ve cultivated an email relationship with in person and Roxy did not disappoint! She is seriously impressive. Make sure to check out her line of highly affordable, super chic furniture if you haven’t already. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

  • TheLittleBlackDoor

    You (and Nick Olsen) have made my day. What an incredible space!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Andrea K

    This room is soooo Palm Beach chic and fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing, I LOVE it!!!

    The Glam Pad

  • Cottage Katie

    I love the color palette and that he “spread the love” around the room, so there wasn’t any one spot that was overly concentrated in one color. He mingled the color palette in every nook and it is quite a magical result!