George II-inspired chandeliers

At the moment, we’re on the hunt for the perfect glass George II inspired chandelier for Abby Larson’s dining room. Here’s an example, below, of where we used one in a client’s home in an Upper East Side apartment. The dining room wasn’t big, so this type of chandelier lent itself well to the space; it added architecture and a sculptural element without being overly intrusive or heavy-looking. diningroomHere’s a reminder of what Abby’s table looks like below. Click here to see some chair ideas we shared last week (thanks to all for your opinions!).garden1One of the main obstacles of Abby’s dining room is that the ceiling are quite low. Most normal sized chandeliers are going to end up bonking guests on the head, so we’ve been sensitive to finding one that doesn’t hang too low. Below is a gorgeous antique chandelier, but it’s pricey and the dimensions aren’t quite right. ch1Below is a modern reproduction of the chandelier above that is much more affordable, though still a little large for our space.ch8This one, below, also a modern reproduction, is probably the best option we’ve come across so far. It’s not too big, but it’s still substantial enough that it won’t feel dinky. ch2Here’s a mid-century modern take on the George II style chandelier that we have considered, though we’re not sure we want to bring gold into the mix in this particular room.ch6Another antique, mid-century modern piece found over the weekend at Decor NYC (have you guys ever been? It’s a great consignment shop on West 25th street). ch5And here’s a modern reproduction of the mid-century modern style. It’s almost uncanny how much it looks like the antique one two images above. ch3So what are your thoughts on these light fixtures? Do you prefer the clean, simplicity of the more classic George II chandeliers or are you feeling the mid-century modern interpretations? Also, if anyone has a good source for lighting in this vein (on a budget), please do share!

  • Bethany – Powell Brower Home

    i love when you guys do roundups on a product! good picks!

  • Tait Larson

    Really nice job. Loving the choices!