Pillow Fabrics

We love designing family rooms because they often give us the opportunity to have a little fun and be a little whimsical with color and pattern. In Abby’s family room, there will be two sofas, one “kiddie” sofa, and one “adult” sofa. The adult sofa is going to be upholstered in a neutral fabric with some fun, colorful pillows, but the kiddie sofa is going to be upholstered in a fabulous Clarence House cranberry pink fabric with light brown cording and tape along the skirt. We’ve got two top contenders for pillows for this sofa, see below, left and right. abbyBoth of the fabrics above are by Raoul, one of our favorite textile designers based in California. Excuse the quality of the photos, the pink fabric of the sofa looks totally different in both pictures, but trust us it works gorgeously with both pillow fabric contenders. Below is the style of the love seat we’re having made in the pale cranberry fabric with brown trim and tape. loveseat
Here’s a snapshot of the sofa fabric and cording/tape fabric, as well as the super cozy rug that will be in the room.
abfabsSo what’s the consensus on the pillow fabric? 1 or 2? It’s a big decision that will determine many of the other textiles throughout the room!

  • Monica

    I vote number 2! I love Raoul as well. Cannot wait to see the room!

  • Jula Cordeira Interiors

    I think 2 would be better….the open pattern gives a little relief from all the colr

  • awinkasmile


  • http://twitter.com/jillianmanger Jillian Manger

    Love #2! Can’t wait to see how the room turns out! xo

  • Erin

    I vote 2!

  • http://www.facebook.com/katie.b.waddell Katie Burrall Waddell

    #2!! SOOO pretty and fresh!

  • Carly Totten

    Option 2!! I love the larger flowers in the pattern. And the colors are perfect too!

  • Mimi

    Well at this point it may be unanimous. Option Two!

  • Ashleigh

    TWO! Way more fun. :)

  • Katy

    I love option 1. It is softer and cozier for a family room. 2 will get too dirty:)

  • Anne W

    I love these choices! I lean towards the second one–I like how the white background is a nice contrast to the pink sofa fabric. I love Raoul textiles–was just pining over some remnants on eBay (wishing they were bigger sizes :) ps. loving your blog lately–your “in process” posts are really fun! http://www.anneworthington.blogspot.com

  • JBM

    #2 seems more fresh & modern to me

  • Leah Anderson-Wimberly

    #2 is my fave!

  • christine


  • http://twitter.com/ShawPearse susan shaw pearse

    # 2 super pretty and fresh