Update on the teen girls’ room

So I’m not sure if you guys remember, but we talked about how we were decorating the bedroom of two teen sisters a few months ago here. Well, here we are three months later and we’ve just started making purchases! We found out through this process that teen girls are not the most decisive bunch (wink, wink). Finally, after a group outing to the D & D building, we were able to come up with a fabric and color scheme that both girls could agree on. It’s so funny to look back on our initial concepts to what it has become today. Totally different, but still great! moodboardWe found this amazing new zig zag carpet from Stark that has the most subtle bit of silver in it. It’s very glam. The wall color, chosen by our young clients, is Clear Skies 2054-70 by Benjamin Moore and it’s actually quite great.  All of the fabrics are from Quadrille–the girls specially requested Quadrille for their bedroom and that couldn’t have been easier to say yes to! As you can see we’re dealing with two very well informed, and decorating savvy teenagers. fabricsWe found these chairs at Circa Who in Palm Beach, which is funny because this room is definitely turning out to have a decidedly Palm Beach vibe. The seats are totally kaput but our upholsterer will basically remove the caning and create a whole new seat upholstered in the fabric above. chairsWe had to configure the furniture in a way that was not exactly what might have been  the most natural way to lay out the room, but the girls wanted full size beds so we needed to re-work the furniture plan. This meant that both beds will now be side by side with one window in between them, and one window to the left of one of the beds. The windows are very low so finding bed side tables that wouldn’t block the windows was tricky. Luckily, we came across these super modern CB2 media consoles that are the perfect dimensions to fit under the windows and serve as a bed side table for each girl, while also providing some great storage. Imagine these shelves styled with a few pretty books and some cute knick-knacks. Sometimes thinking outside the box about where you might find a particular piece can yield great results–like this!bedsideThe lamps for the bedside tables…great shape. lampsWe went with this Bungalow 5 dresser because we love the grasscloth covered drawers and sides.dresserHere’s the wallpaper we’ll be using in the girls’ bathroom:wallpaperArt for above the dresser, an old Vogue photo from their archives. vogueartWe’d also like to find a way to use of one these pieces of art from Sugarboo. We love their uplifting messages and one of them would be cute as part of a gallery wall, perhaps above the desks. artSo true!art2

art3What do you all think? Are we missing any integral teen girl bedroom elements? These ladies are tough critics!

  • TheLittleBlackDoor

    That wallpaper is devine. And the texture in the dresser is a great addition.

  • eddielicious

    lucky kids, Stark, Quadrille, Bungalow 5, circa Who……..

  • ashleigh


  • SmashingStyle

    How great! I love the Vogue picture and the Sugarboo art. The nightstands will be such good blank canvases for styling! xo

  • Susan Anderson

    You had me with the coral painted chair.