Wallpapering the inside of closets

This Saturday/Sunday Wall Street Journal’s Off Duty section had a fun design & decorating story cleverly titled, “Inside Jobs” all about using wallpaper inside closets.  For those of us who don’t want to commit to wallpapering an entire room, especially if the paper is a little wild, or busy, or too extravagant, this seems like a wonderful solution. The images below are from Dara Caponigro’s (Editor-in-Chief of Veranda magazine) home. How fun to have peak inside! The closet on the left is Dara’s coat closet. It’s papered in Squiggle by Vivienne Westwood for Cole & Son. We’ve actually brought samples of  this iconic paper to countless meetings in the hope of having the right opportunity to use it, but we haven’t been successful yet! We have a feeling that after this published photo, it’ll start gracing the closets of many. Thanks, Dara! On the right, Dara’s daughter’s bedroom closet is wallpapered in a sprig print from Farrow & Ball, called Rosslyn. So very elegant, while still youthful.
dara1There aren’t many situations where using a wildly feminine, or bold wallpaper feels right, so you can see why using an over-the-top paper in your closet or dressing area is a perfect moment to express yourself.waallp2Check out these other examples of closets/dressing rooms where wallpaper was employed to help express a woman’s sense of style. wall3Are you feeling inspired? We are. We’re thinking of using this paper in our new office’s coat closet:wallpaper What wallpaper are you dying to use inside of one of your small spaces?

  • http://www.the-marrying-type.com/ Rachel

    what a fun idea! it would sure make my daily struggle of what to wear a little more pleasant : )

  • Amy

    I used the red squiggle paper in my 1925 house’s dining room. It looks amazing. If you want me to send you a photo for your future clients idea file I’d be happy to.

  • Lauren

    Please do!

  • Cottage Katie

    I’m a bit on the fence about this one! As much as I love wallpaper and putting it in a closet seems like the perfect little cranny for some pop, I feel that most of the closets look more crowded by doing so…what do you think? Maybe it would just take a lot of conscious clothing placement to ensure the whole thing doesn’t get out of hand!!

  • Limezinnias Design

    I love this post. Now I need to find some wallpaper I LOVE and try it.

  • Liz

    LOVE your choice for your office coat closet. DO IT!!!!

  • Emilie

    Love the wallpaper for your office coat closet — hope there will be a before/after shot! Mind sharing the source?

  • http://www.facebook.com/katie.f.cavitt Katie Fitzgerald Cavitt

    I’ve always wanted to use this Orla Kiely wallpaper in a closet. I just think it would make you happy every time you opened the closet door!

  • angel gonzales

    That is a wonderful idea and the wallpapers look awesome. Maybe i can do the same in my closet. It would be fun to do it and it would look nice. Thanks for sharing! – http://www.frenzinteriors.com/

  • Dj rapper



    Thanks for your unique ideas! 😉


    Check this out too.

  • Cindia Cannon

    I would like very much to see this dining room, and more please.