Brimfield, Spring 2013

One of our favorite parts about going to Brimfield is bumping into friends and colleagues along the mile-long stretch of antique-filled fields. Considering how massive this show is, we’re always amazed by how many familiar faces we see. Yesterday I ran into my best childhood friend, Allegra, on the side of the road! Allegra is a vintage jewelry buyer for Ralph Lauren and travels all around the country, scouring antique fairs and markets for great pieces. Brimfield is one of her favorite spots. Here we are yesterday afternoon documenting this happy moment!photoWe’ve learned from years of going to Brimfield that if you want to buy the best pieces, you have to get up early. And by early, we mean, arrive at the fields at 5:30 AM. Brimfield is made up of a series of fields along Route 1 in Brimfield, MA and most of the fields are open for the entire 6 day show. However, there are a few fields that open up for just a morning or an afternoon that you have to pay to get in to (tickets are usually about $5). These fields have more edited booths with better dealers where you can find some really great collectibles and furniture. The only catch is that you have to be there right when these fields open and you have to be ready to run around like a maniac and make quick decisions; if you don’t buy it, someone else will!b3We arrived late in the afternoon yesterday so a lot had already been picked over. However, there were a few things that caught our eye. This pair of antique sculptures were quite beautiful. b2We wish we were designing a library or den because there was a great selection of vintage leather chairs at one tent. b4
Anyone else at Brimfield this week? We plan on hitting the New England Motel at 5:30 AM, Heart of the Mart at 9 AM, and Pines if we have the energy at Noon. Hope to see some of you out there! Let the games begin!

  • Jaime @ laviejaime

    brimfield is so fun- enjoy! i hope to go in July.

  • Kim

    I’m heading to Brimfield tomorrow and staying thru Saturday and I’m so excited to get there!! This will be my 2nd time going. Last year I went to the July show. I have to admit that I’m a bit intimidated. I know a lot of my blogger/design idols (yourself included) will be there. I look up to you all so very much! I’m hoping to find some macrame plant hangers, old leather belts with beautiful tooling, vintage jewelery, and old paintings that I can upcycle. If you should see a 5′ tall starstruck girl just standing there staring…that would be me…lol

  • Hthaiwon Layne

    Great meeting you and thanks for stopping by my booth on Tuesday. Hope to see you at SOWA Vintage Market the next time you are in Boston!

  • Dervla Kelly

    oooh i wish i could have been there! I almost went on Saturday.

  • Spring Hill Farm

    I went on Wednesday. Lots of great finds. Mailbags and a $15 French crate were my