Patricia Spergel

We’re always on the hunt for colorful, abstract art to put on the walls of our clients’ homes. Abstract pieces come in handy in spaces where we use lots of different patterns. They work well in this particular situation because they don’t compete with everything else going on in the room, but instead compliment. One of our favorite abstract artists at the moment is painter, Patricia Spergel. Spergel’s work is reliably colorful, and for an original art, her pieces are quite reasonably priced. Her website describes her work as “energetic” and “humorous.” The build-up of paint on colored ground creates a sense of colored air vibrating and breathing–inviting you to enter the paintings. We recently purchased a number of Spergel’s pieces for Abby Larson’s (Style Me Pretty) home.  Below is a selection of some of Spergel’s work including both paintings and monotype prints. Below, a painting called “Wrap.” spergewrap201236-x-40oiloncanvas“Birthday.” spergebirthday2012oiloncanvas-20x20small“Bodice.”spergebodice2012oiloncanvas-20x20“In the Air.” This painting, below, is actually only 11 x 14. We considered it as one of the pieces for a gallery wall we are building. spergelin-theair-series_001-copy-2See how small it is? Love this piece. sp5
Spergel makes some really beautiful monotype prints that are much less expensive than her paintings. spergelanchor2_11monotype22x15750These two (above and below) are from her Alaska series.
spergelalaskaseries3_11monotype22x15750We thought about using a collection of four of these prints for above a client’s sofa, ultimately deciding to purchase just one print and use it in a gallery wall. sp1
This is a piece, below, that we brought for Abby Larson’s house. Originally we had thought it would go above her bed, but on the day of the installation, it just looked so perfect in the family room above her new love seat. It’s always a good sign when you realize you’ve purchased something for your home that could live in more than one place. spergelanchor3_11monotypechinecolle29_5x22900
We always bring the fabrics we’re using in a room when we go to look at art. Below, we see how the colors and fabrics of the room work with the print. Framed up this piece looks absolutely beautiful (can’t wait to show you)!
Below, another gorgeous Spergel piece. Isn’t her palette fantastic?
If you’d like to see more of Spergel’s work, or you’re interested in purchasing one of her pieces, click here.

  • Carol March

    Beautiful work!