ribbon details

One of the things we’ve been seeing a lot of in the past year or so is upholstered furniture with ribbon detailing and contrast piping. Adding a ribbon detail on a club chair like the one below (room designed by Miles Redd) transforms a fairly ordinary chair. With just two yards of ribbon and a little imagination, this piece is immediately more interesting. r2At the Hickory Chair showroom at High Point last week, designer Alexa Hampton, showed an Hermes-orange sofa with brown tape ribbon on the seat cushions. r3On both the seat back and seat cushions, Suzanne Kasler created a graphic look with black ribbon on white upholstery. r1Contrast piping/welting has also become very popular. Designer Alexa Hampton freshened up a chocolate-brown velvet sofa with white piping at High Point.r8Contrast piping at decorator Elizabeth Bauer’s Nantucket store. We love how the white piping highlights the wonderful scallop shape of this slipper chair. r4Embellishing simple white or neutral window treatments with ribbon is something we love to do. We’ll often choose a mid-priced neutral fabric for window treatments and amp things up with some luxe ribbon. Untitled-1At the Traditional Home show house we visited in Greensboro, NC while at this past market, designer Suzanne Kasler used a beautiful mustard yellow velvet on her window treatments. r7

r6Pillows are an easy way to get in on the ribbon trend without breaking the bank. These are some of our favorites that we saw last summer in Nantucket. r5
What do you think about embellishing furniture and accessories with ribbon? Here to stay or passing trend?

  • http://twitter.com/FripperyJewelry Frippery Vintage

    I’ve always loved this look so timeless.

  • http://www.fancyfreeme.com/ Elisa Smith

    Love it forever! I think everything should be trimmed out-ok that may be a bit excessive but I do like it.

  • Brandie

    How would I attach the ribbon if I were to do this……glue or sew on?

  • Ashleigh

    Love the trimmed-out look. Do not love that pillow at Elizabeth Bauer’s. Ick.