Ring Sculptures

One home accessory we’ve noticed pop up more and more in the stylish homes featured in some of our favorite shelter magazines is the ring sculpture. We’re not sure it’s technically called this, but we couldn’t find another name for them in our googling, so let us know if we’re missing out on the correct terminology. We like using these circular little objects d’art when we’re accessorizing spaces because they not only bring height to a tabletop, but also an interesting shape that can help soften a room with many rectangles and squares. Below is an antique piece we purchased at Lars Bolander that sits on the bookshelf in our NYC office. ring1Below (left), a lovely vignette in Lonny, (right) a pair of jade rings (source unknown). rings2We love using these pieces on a mantle, side table, bookshelf, or even on a coffee table.

rins1. Lamps Plus 2. Crate & Barrel 3. Michael Dawkins Home 4. Lars Bolander 5. Wayfair 6. Arteriors 7. Mecox. Have you been seeing these pieces being used as home accessories more and more too?

  • Lindsay Souza

    Throwback to my college Asian art history class, but I believe stone disks similar to these are called “bi”.

  • http://www.fancyfreeme.com/ Elisa Smith

    I’m in LOVE! They look great anywhere. The rustic and round is a great combo.

  • Chris M.

    The ring sculptures look wonderful. I picked up an old millstone mounted in the same way in a vintage store a few years ago and I love how it looks in my bookshelves.

  • Annie

    Linsday is correct. #1 and #7 and your first and third photo would be considered bi (pronounced like “bee”) in Mandarin. Bi represent heaven. I’m pretty sure the Met has one from the Neolithic period in its collection. They were usually made of jade or bronze.