Beach House Bedroom

Today’s Dream Scheme is inspired by a fantasy summer house on Nantucket and lazy Sunday afternoons at the beach. We’d love to see these fabrics used in a beach house bedroom, but that could have something to do with our summer mind-set. In any case, a bedroom using this scheme would be so soft and soothing, with a wonderful punch of lavender to keep it fun and unexpected.Beach Dream Scheme

Beatrice Bouquet in Mineral (Matthew Patrick Smyth for Schumacher): The green and white floral textile was the starting point for this scheme. Inspired by the block print floral fabrics of India, this fabric would make a beautiful headboard or even window treatments.

Savannah Linen Stripe in Lavender (Schumacher): A decorative pillow or two out of this wide stripe is a nice contrast to the floral pattern and ties the greens and lavenders together well.

Fiesta in Puerto (Rogers & Goffigon): This is such a wonderful companion fabric to the others in the room. A long bench at the end of the bed or even a pair of x-benches would be fun in upholstered in this.

(Rogers & Goffigon): Small pillows for your lower back to rest in the inside back of a pair of club chairs.

Oscar in Pale Celadon (Quadrille): This vibrant celadon colored fabric is a nice upholstery weight and would be perfect to cover a pair of club chairs or even a luxurious chaise lounge.

Grid in Buff (Rogers & Goffigon): We’ve used this sheer, 100% linen fabric for window treatments in living rooms before for and it always looks fresh. It’s nice to use something that has a geometric pattern for window treatments to add interest.

Confection in Spa (Rogers & Goffigon): A long rectangular decorative pillow resting in front of the four standard or king bed pillows is always a part of our bed dressing. This lavender linen gives the room a jolt of color.

What do you think of these fabrics together? Can you imagine this space?