Chic Table Fans

It’s getting hot, hot, hot! Most non-central air apartments in NYC are getting pretty steamy right about now. Once the temperature gets above 75 degrees, our office turns into a real hot box. Even with the air conditioner going, we still need a fan to circulate the air. Neither of us were too thrilled about going to buy a fan for our space (we were under the impression that it would be a major eyesore). But after a little research, it turns out there are some really good-looking fans out there that can actually enhance the look of your room. We picked up this little fan (see picture below) at Linens n Things and placed it on top of a stack of books on our desk. We love that the fan looks vintage, but works like new. chicfan(Photo above by Matt McGrath) We did a little hunting for the chicest new and vintage fans and came up with some great options. There are some fantastic antique ones out there that are very get-able, as well as many new fans that are vintage-inspired in their aesthetic with a little more power. fansFrom left to right: Fine Garden Products, Linens n Things, Restoration Hardware, Etsy, Etsy, Target. What are you doing to stay cool this summer?

  • Sarah

    Love the way you styled your table. Fan looks great

  • Dervla @ The Curator

    such cute options, guys! I’ve been looking for a chic fan (even though we have AC it still doesn’t reach the kitchen)

  • Pepper Cee

    That’s definitely cute! It’s great for a studio apartment home because it doesn’t take up space though personally I prefer a wall fan so I can utilize the vertical space instead at my apartments for rent Gold Coast .

  • John Ocampos

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