Personal Photos

I have personal photos all over my apartment; from the bulletin board in my kitchen to the frames that line my bookshelves, I love walking into a room and seeing pictures of friends and family and wonderful moments. There are lots of different ways to display personal photos and snapshots other than putting them in a frame on your bookshelf. I like to stick pictures into the frame of my vanity mirror, below. It gives this nook of the apartment a personal touch and brings a smile to my face every time I sit down to do my makeup.
I’ve always loved the way interior designer Rita Konig displays some of her personal photos on one of the walls of her Manhattan kitchen (below).
A simple grid of same size photos left, or a larger one, right, fill a big white expanse in a whimsical way that feels chic and not at all teenage-girl.
How do you like to display your personal photos in your home?

  • Tiffany Leigh

    I love this! So often in decor nowadays you see a lack of personal photos, but they add so much warmth and story to a space!

  • Amy @ Yellow Hammer Design Sho

    Love this! Makes we want to print my instagrams asap.