Lauren and I spent an afternoon this week shopping for great pieces for projects we’re working on. We like to divide and  conquer when we enter vast antique malls because it’s so easy to overlook treasures when there is so much to look at. We get really competitive (in a playful way), trying to out match each other in our ability to uncover the best finds at the best prices. Lauren discovered this unique side table form made of wicker. Wouldn’t this be an interesting piece to add to any room? Small tables like these belong in large and small spaces alike as a way to throw off the symmetry of furniture plans, and for practicality sake to have a spot to put down your coffee mug, iPad, cocktail glass, etc.s2The lines on this handcrafted Swedish chair were exquisite. Imagine upholstering the seat cushion in a wonderful stripe and making this chair an anchor piece in a room. Ta dah! When you see chairs like this one, stop and take notice. They are rare, and they are worth considering if at the right price. They are conversation starters, and keepers.s3The simplicity of this hand-painted mirror caught both of our eyes. A decorative painter had combined steel-gray with a wonderful red-orange, outlined in gold to create this fabulous accent mirror. The dealer had hung the mirror on a red wall for added drama, but as is on a wall of a different color, or even a white-painted wall in an entryway, this mirror would be a show stopper.s6This faux painted dresser takes me back to the early 1990’s when faux bois decorative painting was popular on furniture, walls, and even baseboard moldings.s10The dealer paired the dresser with this gorgeous red-painted mirror. On its own, it would make a wonderful complementary piece to any small side table or dresser.s12Look how beautifully this finish was executed. It reminded us of fine Folk Art pieces.s11Wouldn’t this vintage wire vessel make a fantastic umbrella stand in the right entry way?s7Lauren spotted this mini Euro Saarinen table with it’s original Knoll marking on the bottom. We often find wonderful pieces like these in the mix of antique malls waiting for a modernist enthusiast to snatch them up!s8Look at these adorable side tables–just waiting to find a new home. LOVE for a beach house guest bedroom on either side of the bed.s9I spotted this amazing vintage globe hidden in the back of a dealer’s booth. Antique globes can be valuable collectibles. This one has already found a new home, as we could not leave it behind. The color combination alone was hard to pass up!s4We always carry textiles from the projects we’re currently working on so that if we find accessories, we can make sure they are perfect in tonality. These beautiful vintage Chinese “happiness” vessels fit the bill. Image them in the living room where pillows are being made from this gorgeous Schumacher woven textile. Right?s1Have you found any treasures lately? Please send us photos! Have a wonderful day!

  • Jaime @ laviejaime

    the globe is very cool!

  • LindsB

    The wire vessel would be perfection in any room- I would love it to hold my wrapping paper actually!