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While there are no hard and fast rules for using color in decorating, some color schemes tend to work better than others. In particular, colors opposite each other on the color wheel, balancing a warm hue with a cool hue always look right. Warm colors, like orange and red are energetic and strong, and they are balanced perfectly by cool, calming colors like greens and blues. This combination of green and orange would probably be best suited for a bedroom, because it has so much energy! We’d both like to imagine waking up every day to a bright and cheerful room using this combination of colors and patterns.dreamschemeorangeandgreenIt’s really important to keep in mind that the balance of the different colors in a room should be monitored carefully. You can include many patterns in a room, as we suggest here, but be sure that the colors are all very much in sync with each other. It’s a good idea to consider the decorator’s “60-30-10 rule” of balancing color combinations. For example, 60% (usually the paint or wall covering) should be one color of a color scheme, 30% should account for another color, as represented in furniture, pillows, or carpeting, and the remaining 10% should be represented by accessories, and artwork.

Sinhala Linen Print in Bittersweet (Martyn Lawrence Bullard – Schumacher): Lauren and I have been ogling over this bold print for months. This would make fantastic window treatments. Perhaps the room would be painted a subtle citrus green (60% green).

Sikar Embroidery in Citrus (Martyn Lawrence Bullard – Schumacher): This embroidered fabric would make an amazing rectangular pillow on the bed. We love how the geometry pairs beautifully with the floral print because the colors are in perfect harmony.

Swaisland Stripe in Sienna (GP & Baker): A stripe like this one is perfectly suited for a bench at the foot of the bed, or even a chair in the room (30% orange).

K1669/2 in Clementine (Knoll Luxe): This houndstooth pattern is so completely unexpected. We would adore this as the seat cushion for a chair used at a vanity or desk chair in the room.

Whip in Saffron (Knoll Luxe):  The would make an amazing leather ottoman in the room.

Faux Bois in Saffron (Martyn Lawrence Bullard-Holly Hunt):  More pillows, and a way to introduce that third color (10% yellow).

Happy Decorating!

  • Mary

    If the walls and/or carpet are a neutral color, do they still figure into the 60-30-10 rule?

  • Lauren

    Hi Mary! Thanks for your question. Neutral colors don’t apply. This is a theory pertaining up the use of multiple colors.

  • Debra

    Hi… I absolutely love the color & pattern combo you put together!! Would you possibly have any pictures of these you used in a room? Thx!