Summer Vacation

Hi everyone! We’re on a family vacation in Nantucket this week (probably our favorite place in the world to relax)! So apologies in advance if we aren’t  posting as regularly for the next few days. Please, please follow our trip on Instagram @gbgpdesign for up to the minute GBGP fun. A few shots from our vacation thus far…ack2Hope you’re having a great summer! Can’t believe it’s coming to a close…xoxo

  • Mike Loshe

    Thanks for the share! Takes me back to my younger days when my parents used to get us a Nantucket Vacation Rental for the month of August. Man those were the days, nothing but salt air and sunshine!

  • SC

    the name nantucket got me from the start, but pics of madaket? no fair 🙂

  • Hardwood flooring buff and coa

    The place is in the picture is just wow,,Thanks a lot for this