Dog Beds

Lately we’ve had a little doggie companion at the office (my boyfriend’s). Her name is Ryley and she is just the sweetest Jack Russell Terrier. We both love having her around, and it’s always nice to have an excuse to get outside and go for a walk. Suzanne, however, is not such a fan of Ryley lounging on the furniture (see below). ryleySo, I’ve been searching for the perfect dog bed. Something that won’t draw a lot of attention and work with the colors in the room. Here are a few of my favorite dog beds so far. I especially like the light blue ticking stripe one (#1)–a great Etsy find! dogbeds

1. The Foggy Doggy 2. Canine Styles NYC 3. Molly Mutt 4. Pet Play 5. Dash & Albert. Do you have a favorite dog bed company? I’d love to know about it!

  • Chris

    Wallybeds are wonderful and come in all these wonderful animals prints. My little terrior loves hers!

  • Canine Styles

    Hi there! We are so Thrilled that you have put one of our beds on your top dog beds! We wanted to personally thank you and ask if you have any questions about the beds?

    if you do have questions we are available Monday-Saturday 9-6 pm by phone or 24/7 on Fb/IG/Twitter/email.

    Picking out the Best dog bed is challenging due to all the options that are available and We hope to help make your decision easier!

    Regards, Canine Styles

    P.s Ryley is a Little Sweetie and would make any bed you pick look beautiful!

  • Dervla @ The Curator

    hey i have the Molly Mutt bed in that same green moroccan print (although in a rectangle). I highly recommend it … easy to throw in the washing machine and I loved that you can stuff it with old blankets and clothes that you’d normally be giving to the Sal Val.

  • Nina: Anything et Everything

    I love the Kuranda beds for both our dog and cat. After going through countless soft beds for our dog, we decided to go with the chew proof, hammock-like bed. Colors (bed and covers) are limited, but got her name embroidered on the cover, which makes it cuter.