Paul Lange

Ever since Architectural Digest published photos of Aerin Lauder’s Jacques Grange-decorated Manhattan office, I’ve been in love with the work of artist Paul Lange and his “Big Blooms” series. Lauder, who has described Lange as a modern Irving Penn, placed the artist’s “Rachel” print in the entryway of her NYC headquarters. There’s something very fitting about having photos of beautiful, blooming flowers in the office of one of the world’s biggest perfume makers. For me, Lange’s work is feminine and beautiful, but also very raw and modern. Even though the images themselves are incredibly still, they make you feel like you’re catching a very fleeting moment in time. pl2I don’t usually gravitate towards photographs of flowers because I find they tend to go into that cheesy, cliché territory–and quick. Lange manages to capture some of the most beautiful flower varieties in various stages of bloom with a wonderful, almost journalistic eye.pl3Here are just a few of my favorite Lange pieces from “Big Blooms.” paullange

PageImage-504537-3849577-FrancescaUntitled-5e03ddffadcc4b8d3-130531bb02xt1m_006964Are you as taken with Lange’s images as I am?