sneak peek: house beautiful’s Nov issue

I attended a lovely breakfast at the home of interior designer Charlotte Moss last week to showcase her contributions as pop-up editor for the November issue of House Beautiful magazine. Charlotte collaborated with Hearst Group Editorial Director Newell Turner and House Beautiful Executive Editor Shax Riegler on this very special issue, infused with Charlotte’s passion and interests, of which there are many! Themed “the Art of Living,” the issue includes a beautiful feature on Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello. Let me just say that meeting Charlotte Moss personally, visiting her home, and listening to her describe her lifelong interest in creating rooms that look good, smell good, feel fabulous, and say “come on in and stay awhile,”was incredibly inspiring. Here’s a sneak peek at the November cover…(below from left: Newell Turner, Charlotte Moss and Shax Riegler).cmOne of Charlotte’s biggest beliefs is that your home should be pleasing on every sensory level. Cleverly, the issue includes content paired with each of the senses with a special feature on home fragrance. This living room designed by Alex Papachristidis is a great match with the spicy, exotic feel of a Costes candle.  HBscentpart2Best of all, Charlotte felt that with the holiday season coming up, she wanted to highlight products that give back. All of the items on November’s The Best page have an attachment to a special charity, like the wonderful umbrellas below made by to support survivors of sexual violence in the DR Congo. HBthebestpage1
It’s funny in researching blue and white rooms for one of our current projects we came across many Charlotte Moss images. Charlotte has a real affinity for this classic combination and executes it beautifully. We love how her rooms feel glamorous and cozy at the same time.
We’re loving the “pop-up” guest  editor concept, aren’t you?

  • lisammende

    Great post Suzanne! I was suppose to go to the breakfast but because of broken ribs I received while in London during Design week, my Dr. forbade me traveling. So sad to miss out but so glad to see a glimpse of what I missed! Would have adored to meet you! Really missed out but I am feeling better and know it was for the best that I didn’t try to come!