Rebecca de Ravenel’s Manhattan apartment

We were catching up on early this morning and came across the fabulous New York City apartment of Rebecca de Ravenel. Rebecca is the founder of Goombay Bazaar, a traveling pop-up shop that sells one-of-a-kind wares from all over the world. Her one bedroom West Village apartment is full of vintage and antique finds from the Bahamas as well as some of our favorite antique malls in Stamford, CT. We love how she stuck with a palette of blue and white throughout the entire apartment. Below, a vintage sofa found in Stamford upholstered in a Raoul paisley. apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-02_110347830499The mantle (below), not original to the apartment, was brought in by Rebecca. apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-03_110348406611

apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-04_110349290437All of the rattan and bamboo furniture pieces in the space really make you feel like you could be at some island retreat. Not a typical way to furnish a NYC apartment, but it works!apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-06_110350480222Another Raoul fabric used on the tuxedo sofa in a different part of the large living room. Rebecca was able to make lots of different patterns work together by sticking with just blue and white. apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-09_110353298921Probably the only fabric in the space that isn’t blue or white, this multi color Suzani print table skirt on her desk lightens the mood and brightens up the palette. apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-11_110354905475A sweet wicker side table…img-aptwithlsdrebeccaderavenel07_125605531833Rattan side tables circle a modern Saarinen table. apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-12_110355662624The bedroom walls are papered in a paisley by Quadrille. Does anyone know what fabric was used for the canopy? apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-17_110359226514


apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-19_110401405767The powder room covered in another Quadrille wallpaper. apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-24_110405473590With a little wallpaper and some great art, her tiny NYC kitchen is all charm. apt-with-lsd-rebecca-de-ravenel-final-27_11040813978We just fell in love with this apartment, did you?

  • TokyoJinja

    I’ve ben returning to that feature over and over again since it was published. I think what makes the space so special is how personal and charming it all is – nothing stagey, just things she loves. And you didn’t include the blue & white terrace, which may be my favorite space of all!