Living Room Side Tables

You’ve heard our mantra before, but it bears repeating; invest in the right pieces and they can easily move from room to room as your needs change. In the case of side tables, this nearly always ring true. The side tables on either side of your living sofa could one day move to either side of your bed, or to another room in the house. These modern side tables  in a room designed by Miles Redd (as photographed for our book), are a good example. We usually prefer matching side tables and a matching pair of lamps. See below for where you can purchase these black lacquer Parsons style side tables a la Mr. Redd. milesreddWe’re always surprised by how hard it is to find great side tables. Many of the ones you see in retail stores are too heavy and boxy looking, or they have fixed backs so they look too dense in any setting. We like to choose side tables that are as open as possible, with some interesting architectural detail. You’re going to be buying two of them, so they should be really special! Try not to settle for a place holder as you’re likely to stick with them begrudgingly for years to come. These are 8 of our go-to side tables, all reasonably priced and all available online:livingroomsidetablesClockwise from top left: House Eclectic (these are the side tables in the room above designed by Miles Redd), West Elm (a great side table at a great price, these are perfect next to a sofa with a low seat), Bunny Williams (probably are most favorite side table available online, this piece is a great investment–we’ll never tire of its classic lines), Bungalow 5 (a more modern side table with interesting graphic legs).
Clockwise from top left: Ethan Allen (we saw this pedestal style table when we visited the Ethan Allen headquarters in Danbury a few months ago–it comes in a beautiful natural wood as well), Layla Grayce (if you’re looking for something with a little glamour and femininity, this table is it), Target (fun for a family room or a home with young kids, we love this brightly colored tray top side table) Saarinen Style Tulip Table (Suzanne has a pair of these Saarinen knock off tables in her living room right now next to a pair of chairs and they look chic, chic, chic). One tip before you buy: make sure you measure the arm height of your sofa before you commit to a pair of side tables. You want to make sure that the side table and your sofa arm are about the same height. If anything you want your side tables to be lower than the arm of the sofa. Happy shopping!

  • Calley

    I really don’t think a side table that is over 1,000 dollars is reasonably priced!!

  • Lauren

    Hi Calley, We recommended 4 different side tables in this post under $300 and one really great one for $69.99. Hope that helps!

  • Christie

    Would love to see how Suzanne styled her tulip tables and chairs! Can you post a pic on Instagram?

  • Julia Allan

    Beautiful! If you are fond of contemporary products I’d advise checking the folling link: Hope you enjoy it!