Sectional Sofas

One of the furniture pieces that our clients often request for their homes is the sectional sofa. While it’s not our favorite piece to specify, the available styles have really improved over the past ten years. Even Suzanne has stopped cringing at the idea of using them. In the end, you can’t deny the comfortability factor, or that there are some pretty good looking forms out there. NYC based interior designer Miles Redd has found what he must consider the perfect sectional as he uses it again and again in his clients’ homes. His favorite sectional is the Climate by a manufacturer called Dune; it was featured in his most recent project published in House Beautiful this month upholstered in a luxurious chocolate-brown velvet.

Here’s Dune’s Climate sectional with a chaise, below.
Redd also used the Dune sectional in this Hampton’s house fabricated in white leather. Notice how he uses the plug-in wall sconces as parentheses on either end of the sofa. Redd-EDC-09-13-11-xln-67271928One of our favorite Redd rooms, the Dune sofa looks great in this TV room.
Miles-Redd-House-Beautiful-James-Merrell-5And in a house in the Bahamas in hot pink!item2_rendition_slideshowWideVertical_miles-redd-07-television-room
As much as we love the modern lines and chic tufting of the Dune sofa, it is quite pricey, especially when you start customizing it as Redd has. So, where else can you find an elegant sectional that doesn’t say “man cave”? We like this Williams Sonoma Home sectional for its sophisticated arms and low back. img44oDoesn’t it look great in this fresh sky blue color? img36oLayla Grayce makes a sectional of the classic George Smith style, English roll arm sofa. It’s hard to find a tight back sectional sofa that is also really comfortable.
A more modern piece by This is the Leon sectional.
Another favorite is Cisco Brother’s Tristan sectional.
Do you have a favorite chic sectional sofa? We’re all ears!

  • marga

    Cuanto color en esos espacios, es lo que más me gusta. Porque esos sofás no parecen unos

    sofás económicos así que me conformaré con verlos en fotos.

  • Betsy Moyer

    Hi there Lauren & Suzanne,
    I feel like you ladies really would love the line.

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    Please do shoot me an email if there is ANYTHING I could talk you through. We’d love to host you if you ever make it out to LA.

    Fan of your blog, follower of your efforts on every platform!
    Much Love,

  • Mary

    MItchell and Gold has some nice ones and you can fiddle around them with a bit!

  • Travis

    Anyone have any idea what brand/model this is… We love it but can’t find it anywhere!!

  • Thoan Nguyen

    also chiming in re: the leather. my husband has always wanted a fancy leather club chair but we have three non-declawed cats. so we bought a cheaper leather chair as a “trial run” for whatever $3k fancy restoration hardware chair he was lusting after. the cats destroyed it in short order. they have other things they like to scratch, but all it took was one afternoon of boredom for them and they shredded the arm of the chair. would not recommend leather chairs w/ cats unless they are at least front declawed (not that i’m recommending declawing, but if you just happen to have adpoted a cat from the pound that was already declawed, etc…)

    I Bought it at: